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A view of the changelog for the 2.3 release of WarFront.

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Version 2.3 Change Log

tiger front

m4 side

Version 2.3 is getting closer to release! I'm in the process of checking maps, making sure everything works right, but I thought I would release the change log as it stands right now, as well as a few screens from WarFront's latest night map...

panther side

WarFront v2.3 Changelog
Bug Fixes:
Fixed Allied heavy tank spawn in Operation_Luttich
Fixed SinglePlayer neutral tank spawns in Operation_Luttich
Fixed Enterprise, Yorktown, Hornet collisions
Fixed wreck mesh for KV-2 (was using KV-1 wreck mesh)
Fixed Stationary_Dp iron sight
Removed No4Bayonet from US_Rifle_Assault class (replaced with KnifeAllies)
Fixed Sturmovik lower aileron texture
Fixed setInput AI error with BT7/BT7A
Fixed Gewehr43 AI code

General Changes:
Tweaked several textures
Tweaked AI for several land vehicles
Removed all Batteries from mod (Priest, Sexton, Wespe, Su76...for the time being)
Increased explodeNearEnemyDistance of Flak38 projectile
Jap_Officer gets Type100-40, loses Nambu pistol
Jap_Officer44 gets Type100-44, loses Nambu pistol
Re-modeled Sdkfz222 turret LODs (2 & 3) to prevent cage from disappearing
Re-modeled FW190-F bomb mounts
Re-modeled all Sherman and variant suspensions to correctly line up wheels
Adjusted heighth of ammoboxes on Prokhorovka map
Added campaign map list for Single Player
Adjusted minimum damage and minimum damage distance for all land vehicles¹
Adjusted spawn times for US planes on Oahu²

Vehicle/Weapon/Model Additions:
Added wfsandbag_c_m1 to mod
Added sandbunk_m1 to mod
Added sandbunk_net_m1 to mod
Added Type 100/40 to mod
Added Type 100/44 to mod
Added JS2 (IS2) to mod
Added 47mm Type1 AT Gun to mod
Added 6pdr AT Gun to mod
Added 57mm M1 AT Gun to mod
Added ZiS-2 to mod
Added Pak36 to mod
Added Crusader Mk.I to mod
Added Panzer II to mod
Added Marder II to mod
Added Matilda II to mod
Added T26 to mod
Added Mig-3 to mod
Added Panzer IV Ausf. G to mod
Added M4A1 to mod
Added M4A1(76)W to mod
Added M4A3(75)W to mod
Added M4A3(76)W to mod
Added M4A3(105) to mod
Added Panther Ausf. D to mod
Added Panther Ausf. G to mod
Replaced existing Panther (Ausf. A) mesh with new model
Replaced existing (vanilla) Tiger I mesh with new model

Converted Maps (with SinglePlayer mode):
Hurtenwald (conversion of a map by an unknown author)
The Road to Paris (conversion and rename of French Hills, a map by an unknown author)
Rostov (conversion of a map by an unknown author, AI by Hamburger Hill)
Crossing the Merderet (conversion and rename of Merderet, a map by ReLo@d, with AI by GreenBud)

Sub Notes:
¹ This value was adjusted using the max/min penetration values of the gun. For example, the 5 cm KwK 38 L/42 (Panzer III Ausf. J) has a max penetration of 73mm @ 100m (rounded to 70mm) and a min penetration of 26mm @ 2000m (rounded to 25mm). The min penetration here is 1/3 of the max, so the MinDamage is calculated at 0.33*. The distances, like the shell velocities, have been cut in half to reflect map sizes, so the DistToStartLoseDamage is 51m, and the DistToMinDamage is 1000m. For the guns that I was unable to find both a min and max penetration value, these values were estimated based on guns of similar caliber and shell velocity.

* When a projectile hits a collision, the angle of the armor is not taken into account for the penetration, but rather for the damage. If you are aiming at a sloped armor profile in real life, the "effective thickness" of the armor would increase dramitically. In BF1942, however, a matId of 50mm (for example) will be 50mm no matter what angle the armor is presented. The angle the projectile hits the armor is used as a damage modifier, with a higher degree of angle doing less damage...but still penetrating, nonetheless. Conversely, I would not want to assign the "effective thickness" of the armor to the matId, because again, at any angle, this would be the thickness used to calculate penetration. This is why some guns pen armor that they would normally not be able to in real life, but I have tried to counter this effect by adjusting the damage values. Still, this system lends itself well to the strategy of getting closer to do more damage, and angling your tank to take less damage when shot. Also, knowing which parts of the tank are vunerable to which caliber of shells, and what gun the enemy is shooting, is also critical for survival in WarFront.

² The planes and soldier spawns on Oahu are linked to the ship/hangar objectives; when these are destroyed, you will lose the spawns points and planes. I have decreased the spawn time on the planes slightly to get more US planes in the air, although historically there were not many that got airborne that day. As far as the bots flying the planes, I did not code the AI for this map, and will not be changing that code. I believe the priority for the AI is to defend by manning AA guns in and around the bases, rather than flying.

tiger side

Should be another week or two, so sit tight!

tiger rear


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