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There has been a tiny hotfix (2.1a) to address two important bugs: one regarding faction diplomacy, and the other freelancer integration. A 2.1 to 2.1a patch zip file has been uploaded, pending authorization

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I missed something in the faction code that caused diplomacy in Gekokujo to act erratically and cause factions to make insane decisions, such as declare war on someone on the other side of Japan. Another bug I discovered with the help of the many players of Gekokujo is that the game does not assign you any guns if you join a lord as a retainer.

2.1a fixes both of those, and hopefully they are the last major bugs I have to fix so that I can begin expanding the number of items and implementing multiplayer.

Both take effect in a current save, but the changes to the faction code will only be immediate on starting a new game

The 2.1a fix is a zip file -- just extract its contents into your /gekokujo/ directory and overwrite everything it asks you to. If it's not yet authorized by ModDB by the time you see this, download it from my mirror. I will create a new full 2.1a installer and a full 2.1a rar or zip file and upload it in a little while -- please be patient with me, as I am a little tired from spending nearly all day trying to fix these two bugs ;)

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