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A quick update on the game's current stats. (Thing's are going slow, sorry :( )

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Hello guys! I am now currently hiring a writer to help me with Spring Breeze, and Wow! I've found incredible people! The prose is going to be so much better!

Also, I'll hire an animator for a planned scene I have, hohohoho~~

The next demo will be polished, and will be able to show everything Spring Breeze has to offer. Look forward to it, my people! :p





"P" stands for "Programmed, in other words, the total amount of the script that is already devidely coded.

"S" stands for "Raw script\", how much of the story's been written and waiting to be coded. Note that in order to be programmed, it first needs to be proofreaded, which I depend on my co-writer.

Purple: Updates on the last edit of this post.

Prologue: 100%

Hamada Tatsuya's story:

Mai's Path: P: 92% --- S: 100%
Ayumi's Path: P: 70% --- S: 90%
Nayuki's Path: P: 30% --- S: 70%
Josef's Path: P: 40% --- S: 65%
Bad Endings: P: 30% --- S: 60%

Second playable character's story:
Main Path: P: 0% --- S: 70%
Bad Endings: P: 0% --- S: 45%



Backgrounds: 90%
CG's: 6%
Characters: 50%
GUI: 100%



Instrumental: 80%
Sang track 1 (On development): 60 % (TAKING AGES OMG)
Sang track 2: 0%
(Yes, I hired a singer :3)

The music is by far the slowest in our team, unfortunately. I'd love to show you guys what I have for the sang tracks, but it's going to take a while =/


Hey guys, I'm having trouble uploading Linux's demo version of SPB, my internet has gone unstable for some reason, so I'm not sure when I'll be able to finish uploading it Sorry.

Maple Melody

Hidden 2

Tranquil Universe
In a while

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