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Whoa, what is this? Another Glest mod? What is 2080 mars? ... Here's a quick introduction

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2080 Mars is a simple strategy game made on the Glest engine. The game is set in the future and takes place in a human-alien war over Mars. The game is going to feature 2 factions, the humans and the aliens. The game will also feature several exciting maps, an original and atmospheric tile-set, intense missions and powerful purpose-made music.

So who's on the team?
2080 Mars is being developed by a team of three:
Anonymousjim: Human Faction, Tile-set, main menu and HUD
Anonymousjim's brother: Alien faction, missions
Ash: Maps, Music

The game is about half made at present. So far we have:
- A complete tile-set
- Finished music
- 90% complete human faction
- Main menu
- Beginning of an Alien faction
- A total of 36 finished models
- 10 map concepts

Keep checking here for updates

The 2080 Mars development team

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