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Hello and welcome to this Community Update where we look back on our 17 year history and show some improvements to welcoming new players.

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Hello and welcome to this Community Update!

We are proud to say that Project Reality by now is probably one of the most content-rich tactical shooters ever made. Which honestly is not surprising, since we've had 17 years of time to do it.

On 70 unique maps, players can play with 27 different factions from various time periods featuring a myriad of vehicles and weapons. Did you know there are 107 unique aircraft and 166 different armoured vehicles, trucks and jeeps to play with? Infantry can choose from over 450 different weapons and items. This content is backed up by PR's unique game mechanics that have been continuously pushed further and further, the latest addition being fire control systems for our armoured vehicles and aircraft. And more is yet to come!

However, the richness and complexity of Project Reality is nothing without the players that have shaped our virtual battlefields for nearly 17 years and continue to do so: We mean the infantry-squads assaulting, flanking and defending objectives in gritty close-quarters, the asset players who man the fighting vehicles and tanks that can change the game. The pilots who fly transport helicopters or jets with lots of bombs and rockets. That one good guy who is always building FOBs and of course the insurgents who will try every trick in the book to ambush and disrupt their enemy.

Introduction to Project Reality for New Players

In this update we want to feature a new video tutorial that covers all the basics to get started with PR. We are very greatful to our community member Unicode for spending many hours in creating this great video tutorial and we encourage all new players to have a look at it to get started.

We have used this opportunity to also update the new player landing page to make it even more easy to get started and would like to link some resources that make PR even more accessible:

We say thank you to our player base, server providers and server admins, and we especially welcome the steady influx of new players that find out about Project Reality - you are what is keeping this game alive, so keep spreading the word!

Donation for those affected by war and conflict

Our playerbase and development teams consists of people from various backgrounds who come together to have a good time across borders, languages and cultures. Instead of the usual request for PR donations, we would like to ask you to consider a donation to Doctors Without Borders by clicking the image below:

Medicins sans Frontieres is an international humanitarian medical non-governmental organisation (NGO) of French origin best known for its projects in conflict zones and in countries affected by endemic diseases. It is active in 70 countries, including Ukraine, Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria, Ethiopia and Somalia.

Thank you!

- The Project Reality Team

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