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We reviewed the best moments for 001 Game Creator and summarized it in this End-of-Year review!

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2021 has been an uplifting year as we have taken several huge steps for 001 Game Creator. We reflect on those moments of advancements, and we list them in this End-of-Year review:

In early spring, we launched a gigantic new version of 001 Game Creator! This engine update fixed several major bugs, improved map weather options and included new features.


The new map weather events enhanced the users' capability of creating interesting atmospheres and captivating scenes on any map! These options included changing the maximum and minimum speed, as well as the opacity, for the clouds and rain. Users also gained the ability to change the cloud/rain sprites or the wind direction through scripting. Additionally, we have greatly improved the range used for each weather slider, making it far easier to setup rain and clouds!


For the first time, users can finally organize and create lists of options in custom events and network messages. Users can also access the list of the project’s globals through the “Global Variables Collection” and “Switches Collection” use values. We also enabled the user to be able to import GIF files through the sprite editor when adding “Image Files”.

Weeks later, another engine update was released, and it included the Render Priority Option for Actors. The "Render Priority" will support rendering of semi-transparent actors against each other properly when they partially overlap, or when handing z-fighting issues. It quite useful for projects that centralizes on one-to-one combat between actors that constantly overlap each other.

Besides providing the Render Priority Option for Actors, this newer version fixed countless of issues - log messages that don't disappear over time in the editor, map boundary connections collision issues, party crashes, errors and memory leaks for terraformations, and inaccurate Android touches. We also did a hot fix on the Tile-set Editor on Tiles and Terraformations.

Wiki Tutorial Updates

In the midst of the year, we have been updating and improving several webpages of the Wiki Documentation as the engine continues to evolve. Now, users can read-up on tips on how to include color codes for constant boxes, beneficial details on utilizing non-32x32 tiles, as well as mouse/touch support, and so much more! Be sure to utilize the wiki anytime you need a reference of what a feature does.

To assist with specific coding scripts and tutorials, we released more Game Recipes to the public. These game recipes are set up to be simple tutorials with easy-to-follow instructions as Steam guides. Be sure to check all of our game recipes to improve your games in various ways.

Basics Series

On YouTube, we finally concluded our on-going video tutorial series that covered the "Basics" of using 001 Game Creator. Watch this six-episode series at any time from the very beginning to learn everything you need to get started with 001! Right now, Patreon members have first access to episode 1 of our next series dedicated to Resources. Be sure to keep an eye out for it's release!

For users who've needed extensive assistance with their specific code or scripts, the team has helped them on many occasions through the online scripting service. It's an optional tutoring session when the user can have a one-on-one session with one of our team members for an hour or more. It's a more personal setting than the Discord support thread, but we'll continue to answer any questions on any of our social platforms.


Toward the end of the year, our biggest achievement is being able to finally release a Beta version of the In-App Purchase (IAP) feature. This highly requested feature enables the engine users to use this option in Steam (as DLCs) and Android in order to monetize their games. Right now, our Patreon members have first access to this feature in the newest Beta version, and it will be released to the public when it is well-developed.

Besides getting a sneak peak at the In-App Purchase feature, patrons also get privileges of having first-access to the video tutorials, game recipes, and the newest Beta version of 001 Game Creator. The newest Beta version significantly fixes several bugs and performance issues, which resolves memory leaks, weapons targeting themselves, restarting a game from resetting controls, etc., and it will later-on be released to the public.

To announce this glorious moment and other exciting announcements, we took this opportunity to release our newly-formatted 001 E-Newsletter. It has been setup for followers to get the latest details on the updates, sales, and promotional events about 001 Game Creator and other projects related to the main engine or its DLCs. Be sure to join it to keep in the loop of all exciting SoftWeir products!

Game Jam

For the first time in a long time, the team hosted a cash challenge on our first Spooktacular Game Jam in October. When we received a handful of entries, we selected a few projects to play during our first live streaming event and announced the winners on Twitch. You can download and play all of our fantastic entries by clicking here!

Although we love delivering new requests, features and downloadable contents throughout the year, we still have to keep our balance of time and workflow, while resolving any current issues and instabilities reported to us by the community and team members. As a result of our continued growth and support, we were able to work on and release new projects while still providing features and fixes to 001 this year!


One of those pipeline projects that has been released to the public is the Easy Game Creator! The Easy Game Creator is a one-of-a-kind software that allows the user to create a personalized video game experience in minutes. Already, tons of people are using this perfect tool to great a memorable and fun gift for a loved one!

(Pssst, for those who are in the loop, this isn't the "Super Secret" project we've been working on for years. Be sure to follow us on Patreon and our other forms of social media for more details on that project later!)

Besides working on these projects and more, we still aim to deliver new engine versions to the public as soon as possible, so expect new surprises in the pipeline at the beginning of next year!

All of this and more would not have been possible if it weren't for the amazing support that we've been receiving from our Patreon members and community! We enjoy moments when members can help other folks in the Discord thread and appreciate reading encouraging comments and feedback! All of your feedback helped us to improve our products and service throughout the years. As such, thank you! We hope the community and Patreon members grow to the point when we can release webinars in the future!

On behalf of everyone on the whole team, we also wish you a Happy New Year! Thank you for your dedicated support, and we hope to see more amazing games from you in 2022!

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