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Let’s get to the main question on many people’s minds. The SHIP DATE for Boss 101 – aka “When can I get my hands on it?” First you will have to indulge us a little with a SHORT progress update before we start rolling on that hot topic. Between points look for screens and updates about various Boss 101 systems!

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Hello and welcome to the Boss 101 Weekly Development Update!

Ship date and Project Status – hint – GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!

Let’s get to the main question on many people’s minds. The SHIP DATE for Boss 101 – aka “When can I get my hands on it?” First you will have to indulge us a little with a SHORT progress update before we start rolling on that hot topic. Between points look for screens and updates about various Boss 101 systems!

Picnic Time: Learn more about the characters and the world

Some points we will cover in this post!

1. Developmental Team Progress
2. Status of the Project
3. Expected Date Range
4. Plans for ship and beyond

Development Team Progress

OK, there is no way to simplify this one other than to just come right out with it. A giant confluence of personal events happened in the last few weeks that effectively slowed us down on the way to ship. We can’t and won’t bore you with the details but it involved not just one but TWO of our team having several important family events happen as well as what can best be described as an act of nature (FYI – this is Hurricane Harvey in the Gulf Coast and we live in the southern United States).

All of us are safe and fine and our families are doing well. I mention the hurricane mostly since it slammed us right around the time of the family visits and put some slight hiccups in the timing of our plans. All is getting straightened out so no worries.

I do mention this stuff because I want to be honest and straight forward with you about what is going on. I have said it before but we are three people and for the last three years we have pretty well worked ahem – rigorous game development conditions. (Also known as – eating lots of ramen).

No complaints here and we aren’t looking to make excuses. Thing is, we can’t ignore life completely during game development and this close to the end we do our best to stay completely focused. Alas, that just could not happen in the last few weeks.

Regardless, what’s done is done and now let’s move onto the next topic.

Kite Hill: Relax with your pal and your pet on Kite hill. Talk about life, ice cream and the universe!

Status of the Project

Going VERY well. We’ve been handing out BETA keys to people and getting great responses. At the same time there is a fine tuning pass and many bug fixes happening. This is all going about as well as can be expected and nothing super surprising has occurred at this point. Mostly, it’s just been solid work all the way through.

Still, we are determined to clean up the game as completely as we can FOR YOU and for us. This does mean some tuning and bug fixes are still in the works but we are really in that final stretch.

Refueling the Cosmic Clicks Ship Between Endless Boss Rounds

Game Attack – what out for the robo-fleas!

Shipping Date (Range)

Well, the short story here is we expect it out BEFORE Thanksgiving this year (that’s November 23rd I think). Really though we expect it out before that.

There are a lot of reasons for this thinking. There are no new features. We are primarily tuning and bug fixing and the work we have on the list is not pressing, it’s just time consuming. That adds up to not a lot left and a LOT of confidence on our end.

Still – that’s not an EXACT date I know. I can tell you this, the MOMENT we think we can drop the landing gear we will TELL YOU A SPECIFIC DATE! Right now, it just wouldn’t make a lot of sense to say Nov 23rd since we might be earlier and saying something too early only leads to frustration BEYOND the normal development frustration of waiting for a game you want.

We would LOVE to get the game in your hands in the next month and if we see that is a real possibility we will post on every site we can and broadcast it all over. Right now the ONLY reason we aren’t laying a date down is there is just enough stuff left and there was just enough of a production hiccup (see talking point #1) that I (Tim) feel we need a week or two to stabilize before getting a clear assessment.

Again – we are not holding on to the game for any reason other than quality for YOU. Please remember we do NOT have a publisher and all development comes straight out of our own money. Ours. Not a Kickstarter. Not a publisher. Not a gumball machine. Our own money pays for Boss 101 and so does our own time.

I know it can be hard to not have a simple date to look forward to but the whole point of Boss 101 was to make a game we felt right about and felt gave you the most value and fun. Laying a date down before we feel good about it doesn’t get you or us anything.

Trust us though – I’m sure MANY smarter people would and could have made Boss 101 in a different and perhaps faster fashion. Sure, sure. I can guarantee one thing though – the Boss 101 YOU play will be packed with as much FUN and VALUE as we can give you. We really hope you feel the game was UNDERPRICED at $9.99! HAAAAA! Wouldn’t that be nice! More game for you and a great price!

Tutorials from good ole BERL!

Play an Arcade Tank Game inside your Command Center – earn points and prizes!

Post Launch

This will be dedicated to any and all bug fixes found by ourselves and the community. Also we will be looking at consoles and other languages.

For the last two on that list (console and other languages) it is possible we may partner with the RIGHT publisher or team to create a console or language port. That does remain to be seen and it also will depend on YOUR excitement and purchasing of the game. We would love to get Boss 101 on as many console and in as many languages as possible!

Bonus talk – New Video

Oh yah – we are looking at creating a new video as we near the launch date. Lots of fun stuff to show you so look for that announcement too!

Boss 101 Screenshot of the Day

There's always time for ice cream. Always.

Bonus Hat - lid in Boss 101

Help them, help you!

Lots of things and thank you for hanging in there! We are coming down to it and appreciate all your support and understanding. As always comment or questions welcome!



Boss 101 Info Roundup
Release Date: 2017
Planned Price: $9.99
Boss 101 Steam Store Page:
Please wishlist us if you would be so kind!

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