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With 2016 flown by, having made very little progress on this mod, what is 2017 going to offer?

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With 2016 flown by, having made very little progress on this mod, what is 2017 going to offer?

When I was working on the 10 year anniversary video, I was having a hard time. Not because of emotions, but because there was barely any new footage to pick for the last bit on the timeline. This made me realize with a punch in the face that I barely progressed in 2016. What has caused this and is 2017 going to be just as empty?

Well I sure as hell hope not. Fortunately I have a plan as I found out what went "wrong".
First of all, I spent quite some time last year being involved with various Titanic projects that used 3D models from this mod. When one project got completed, another one mailed me. I'm still in the last stages of preparing assets for a last client which fortunately involves an optimization process that was required for this mod anyway. After this is done, I'll no longer accept offers to work with 3rd parties. (Unless they are cousins of Bill Gates).

Secondly, I'm in the process of working out an agreement with my current job to take a few weeks off throughout the year as unpaid leave. This allows me to work fulltime on this mod for small stretches without any interference. It should allow for a lot more productive time compared to working in late hours after work. I only need to point out which weeks I want to take off exactly. When a date is set, I'll announce it here. During those weeks I want to post an update at the end of every day.

So what's on the schedule then?
Like I mentioned, the last few assets are being optimized for in-engine use. (only the pool area left).
Once this is sent to the client I can dedicate my attention back to this project again.
I shall proceed modelling the corridors while slowly implementing all finished areas into the game one by one. For the latter, I'm trying to get some assistance to speed things up.

I'm also thinking of scrapping a few more interior areas (sue me). Since each area takes a lot of modelling time. Instead focusing mainly on the areas that are directly involved with the storyline. I'd rather spend time on quality rather than quantity in this case. Besides, there are better full-interior Titanic exploration games in the making anyway. E.G. Titanic Honor and Glory.
I could always add these interiors later on if time allows it.


I hope that you will have much more of free time this year than the last one! However, for me its not much of a problem to wait, but a lot of people would want this mod as soon as possible.

Also, Good luck with the work!

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I've always had faith in this mod since I found it back in 09', and my faith in you and your team will not falter. You all have worked so hard on this mod, not asking for anything in return. Taking on such a huge project while still trying to live your lives and support yourselves and your family is not an easy undertaking. You all have my undying respect and loyalty. "When it's done it's done."


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As far as i know does he work alone on this mod.
I hope they did pay you,for your great Titanic mode, those 3th parties.
And it is probably best to indeed delete some of the plans, for even more Tatinic rooms etc. Because the ship is already so big with so much place space. I keep tracking this mod as i have vbeen doing for so many years. Really want to play this one, i even played Mafia a few weeks back again, just to get that Mafia feeling back.


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MrRobville Author

Thanks a lot guys! It means a lot reading this.
Although I'm currently the only one working on the ship itself, another modeller is working on additional assets related to the mod's storyline. When most of the interior has been inserted, I'll receive some help from programmers as well to implement the story and missions.

I eventually started to officially license the models when I found out that Exposure Bucks couldn't be spent on food and rent. :P

I'll post an updated progression chart soon showing which areas have been scrapped. No worries, the engine room and boiler rooms are still there.

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It's nice to see the mod is still being worked on. I wish you great success in this year. Mafia is and will stay in our hearts, thanks to its modding community, so we shall not let it die. You're the great example how to keep it alive, huge respect!

- Dominik.

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Since 2010 im a titanic fan

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This is a titanic-size project you've got in your hands mate (see what I did there?) and I don't expect it to be quickly done, especially with all these beautiful details and stunning stuff you add every day. Real life gets in the way of many of our passion projects, and this is just the normal way things go. You've done some splendid work until this point and I don't expect any less from you this year. Keep up the truly unique work and take your sweet time. We'll be around for the release, whenever that will be ;) .


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You are incredibly insane, man. Go on, i hope will get a great gratification, reward or what ever for your work.

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Hey :).

I'm a little late to the party.

I'm glad that you still have your passion for this mod. There is nothing more crippling than running out of steam for a passion project. I hope you will finally get to the finish line. You have passionate fans in here, so you actually achieved a lot :).

I'm in alone for a big game and helping a horror game out too, so I know the burden too well of creating something massive.

Well... I will stop the rant and get back to the Unreal engine :).

Keep up the wonderful work!

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