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What happened in 2017, where am I headed now? A brief summary of new features from last year, and what 2018 holds for Alpha Rising.

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With a new year well under way (almost half-way!) and zero updates since 2016, I thought it was time for an update.


2017 was a great year for Alpha Rising, many core features were added (see below), most important of which was Save and Load. Being a big complicated game where almost everything can change/move/be destroyed/picked up/killed, Save/Load was always going to be a big job for a single developer to tackle, and so it transpired. From July 2017 until today (with a long break from November 2017 until April 2018), saving and loading is primarily what I have been working on. The good news is I am almost done, almost. I just need to finish the code that handles loading the state of previously visited scenes (so things remain the way you left them). Following this I'm planning to release another public alpha, possibly within the next month. Til then, ciao. -- gavor

New Features (since Nov 2016)

  • Chat bubbles!
  • Running
  • Basic party management
  • Toolbar
  • Can put items on top of things when dragging
  • Added a default "body" armour so avatars don't HAVE to be wearing something
  • Several new levels
  • Basic dialogue system (only implemented on a handful of NPCs)
  • So many AI improvements
  • Dev console
  • Saves state of the player, party and previous scenes when moving from one scene (level) to the next
  • Added medikits for healing
  • Objects can be destroyed and turn into debris
  • Saving and Loading
  • Bug fixes...god, just so many bug fixes
  • Removed GIMMS for balancing

Destroying stuff

And finally, a tiny video that highlights the dangers of travelling with party members who are idiots.

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