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Happy Holidays from the MTA Team! Here is a status update for you.

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Hi there.

Oh, what is that? The holidays are here again? Yep, it looks like they are, so that means the usual stuff. We are going to give you guys & gals a heads up on what has been happening in MTA's world this whole year. And if you are one of those well informed types who does not need a recap, you still might want to give this post a read, as there will be more than that later on!

2016 in Recap

A bunch of interesting MTA:SA-related YouTube videos from this year

Current player counts and version fragmentation statistics

Recent peak number of concurrent unique players: 27111 players on 2016.12.23 (at 17.30 GMT)
Highest recorded number of concurrent unique players: 27111 players on 2016.12.23 (at 17.30 GMT)

Recent number of daily unique players: 124981 players on 2016.12.23 (Friday)
Highest recorded number of daily unique players: 142785 players on 2016.09.04 (Sunday)

Recent number of monthly unique players: 554757 players on November, 2016
Highest recorded number of monthly unique players: 626167 players on August, 2016

Yes, to our surprise, there was a new concurrent unique player count record set literally on the day we were gathering these stats for you.

MTA:SA Version or series Percentage of players using that version or series as of 23rd of December, 2016

1.5.3 95.20%

1.5.2 3.60%

1.5.1 0.09%

1.5 0.09%

1.4.x 0.67%

1.3.x 0.28%

1.0.x + 1.1.x + 1.2.x 0.07%

It looks like more people decided to use newer versions of the mod than the last year.


As for the future, we have been working on the next release, which will contain mostly bugfixes and compatibility tweaks. However, we did some work on new features as well, such as Custom Train Tracks, which we hope to be finished soon.

We also want to look into improving streaming, raising the limits and making it possible to add new IDs for things, but this will be tricky. Nonetheless, it would be great to see those features working in MTA:SA one day, as they would allow server owners to eg. use bigger and better custom maps with new vehicles which would all work correctly for players.

That's it for now.
Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for 2017 from the MTA Team!

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