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We are into the polish phase - this week we look at the Endless Boss warp and shooting off fireworks among many things!

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Welcome back to the weekly Boss 101 Update! Thank you for your support and your time!

We have a whole bunch of things to talk about so let’s get rolling. As we mentioned previously, we are getting deep into the polish phase. By this we mean many, many of the systems are in place but need a tweak here and there to get them up to the quality we think you deserve.

As always – Boss 101 is about bringing you the best entertainment and fun we can. Every single thing we do always starts with a reason involving fun. In today’s update we are looking at the various little touches we are adding to spruce up otherwise straightforward end of round statistic screens. Check this out!

Fireworks, Warp Levels and Flying with the Clicks Rocketship

We have the in-between round setup for the Endless Boss mode. Last week we spoke about fireworks and we dropped in the first pass of the controls and effects this week. In the series of photos below you can see Max and STEVE flying around in the warp space (just like you will too!). During this time you can check your stats, contemplate the next round or, best of all, set of fireworks to celebrate your win! YEAH BABY!

Basic Firework Test in Warp

Flying around the front of the Cosmic Clicks ship

Flying around the engines of the Clicks ship – look at those things flaming up!

End of Round Loss

So when you lose the round the robots kindly sweep your unconscious body off the street for later recovery. Isn’t that nice!? Haha

Screenshots of gameplay tests and tunes

Trying out a mid-level superMax bomb on the Boss. You get these bombs over the course of the game and they can deal some serious damage when fully upgraded. Here you can a first run test of the art and effects. Things are only looking up from this point forward.

Dodging a flaming pterodactyl head!

Another sky high Boss battle in the clouds

Gopher Wiki WIP

Working on the latest offering from Boss 101. The Professor and ROB bringing you the best info for getting the job done. The Boss 101 built in gopher WIKI is your one stop to find out about the Bosses and the tech you deal with. Use it!

Thank you again for check us out and thank you for all the positive notes and emails. It’s very appreciated.

Remember to always live your dreams,


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