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Highlights of biggest improvements to The Lacuna Expanse

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As 2016 is nearing we would like to record that this year has been a great time for The Lacuna Expanse! Lots of changes have improved the overall gameplay experience whereof the highlights are as follows:

  • Fleet lite for better handling of huge ship volumes (see topic)
  • Space station enhancements for better seizure of stars and less necessary voting (see topic 1, topic 2)
  • GUI overhaul for and progressive migration from YUI to React (see topic)

A big thanks goes to every voluntary developer who has helped fixing issues and adding new features, with special gratitude to our most active contributers Mark Lemming (aka Norway), Darin McBride (aka The Tower), and Iain Docherty (aka icydee).

Development continues in 2016 since we are anticipating changes to the spy system, trade ministry enhancements, extension to Fleet lite as well as Placebo overhaul, sitter changes, and much more! (compare topic)

We would like to thank our active players who provide constructive feedback which enables us to fix bugs and make this universe a fun place to play in!

See you in 2016

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