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To bring you all up to speed on whats new and happening with the mod and my progress thus far.

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Hey Bill and Ted/ VC / Mod Fans!

Happy New Year to you all.

Progress thus far on what i'm adding to the mod and how close it is to 0.1a release for those that are curious:

Mod has been tested on the following OS' and works fine XP, and 7 (not sure on vista)
Mod will not work on windows 8 Sorry.

ICEE Shop: 98% done (needs future tweaks after release)

Missy's Car: 99% done (needs future tweaks after release)

Bill's Van 99% done (needs future tweaks after release)

Time Traveling Phonebooth: (75
o;ne) (definitely needs tweaks after release)

Circle K: 99% happy with 0.1a release.

small things like load-screens, HUD, font, etc 99% done

All in all should be ready for release soon as the go- ahead is given from the powers above...

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