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the timeline before it was messed up b TCW sources are listed at the end

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Battle of Geonosis
Mission to the Prosecutor
First Battle of Atraken

21 BBY

Hunt for the Decimator (1 month ABG)
Dark Reaper Project (1 month ABG)
(1st) Battle of Kamino (2 months ABG)
Skirmish on Ohma-D'un (2.5 months ABG)
Battle of Lianna (3 months ABG)
Battle of Teyr (3 months ABG)
Sora Bulq joins Dooku (3 months ABG)
Raid on Pengalan IV (3 months ABG)
Mission to Queyta (4 months ABG)
Storm Fleet Destroyer Crisis (4 months ABG)
Battle of Axion (4 months ABG)
Battle of Muunilinst (4 Months ABG)
Battle of Mon Calamari (4 Months ABG)
Battle of Dantooine (4 Months ABG)
Duel on Yavin IV (4 Months ABG)
Battle of Hypori (4 Months ABG)
Battle of Brentaal (5 months ABG)
Quinlan Vos Joins Dooku (6 months ABG)
Battle of Haruun Kal (6 months ABG)
Assasination of Lorian Nod (6 months ABG)
The Deveron Ruse (6 months ABG)
The Bassadro Massacre (9 months ABG)
Cortosis Battledroid Attack on Coruscant (10 Months ABG)
Last Battle of Atraken (11 months ABG)
Bio Droid Threat (11 months ABG)

20 BBY

Battle of Sullust (1 year, 2 months ABG)
Peace mission to Skye (1 year, 2-4months ABG)
Battle of Agonar (1 year, 2-4 months ABG)
Obi and Alpha escape from Ventress on Rattatak (1 year, 4 months ABG)
Assassination of Former Supreme Chancellor Valorum (1 year, 4 months ABG)
Battle of Virujansi (1 year and 10 months ABG)
Battle of Togaria (1 year and 10 months ABG)
Battle of Dreighton (1 year, 10 months ABG)
Seige of Foerost (1 year, 11 months ABG)
Battle of Drongar (1 year, 11 months ABG)
Honoghr Disaster (1 year, 11 months ABG)

19 BBY

Stone Mite Crisis (2 years, 1 month ABG)
Battle of Bpfassh (2 years, 3 months ABG)
Battle of Azure (2 years, 5 months ABG)
Battle of Praesitlyn (2 years, 6 months ABG)
Mission to Vjun (2 years, 6 months, ABG)
Anakin Skywalker is Knighted (2 years, 6 months ABG)
The Outer Rim Seges Begin (Mygeeto, Saleucami, Felucia, ETC are all Concurrent)
Battle of Rendili (2 years, 6 months ABG)
Battle of Boz Pity (2 years , 6 months ABG)
The Xagobah Incident (2 years, 7 months ABG)
Battle of Cato Neimoidia (2 years, 11 months ABG)
Battle of Belderone (3 years ABG)
Mission to Nelvaan (3 years ABG)
Battle of Coruscant (3 years ABG)
Mission to Kashyyk (delta squad's mission) (3 years ABG)
Battle of Kashyyk (3 years ABG)
Battle of Utapau (3 years ABG)
Mission to Mustafar (3 years ABG)
Order 66 is issued and the Republic is declared the Galactic Empire


Star Wars: The New Essential Chronology
Star Wars: Republic Comic Book Series from Dark Horse
Star Wars: Labyrinth of Evil
Revenge of the Sith: visional dictionary
Star Wars: Incredible Cross Sections


What about the events in Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Clone Wars Campaign?
And what's the Xagobah incident?

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Commissar_Delta Author

so essentially watt tambor was on xagobah, and during a battle with seperatist and republic forces, a 17 year old Boba Fett went to collect a bounty on Watt tambor. long story short, asajj helps watt tambor escape and damage's the Slave I in the process. Anakin finds boba and helps repair his ship. thats essentially what happened. if you want a more in depth the read the wookiee perdia article or read Boba Fett: a new threat

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I thought you spelled Dagobah wrong :)

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