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At long last version 2.0 has been released and is now playable, however still unfinished this mod will no longer be fully supported in the future.

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Installing the mod:

To install the mod, download the archive and extract it, once extracted place the BOB folder (the one that contains the Addme script) into your Star Wars Battlefront II/Gamedata/Addon folder.

Note: If you are using the base version no v1.3 patch is actually needed to play the mod.

Installing custom side mods:

Due to the base version not requiring v1.3, other users era mods *should* work on my map, at least they did for version 1 so I'm guessing 2.0 as well. Just install those mods normally. However some era mods require integration, in the events that a era has a public integration addon (For example: Dark Times, Kotor, Repcom and BFX) then I will add a variant to download with them, however other modders can add their own sides via source code that is released from the map.

Unfinished things:

The map model itself is unfinished and the majority of bugs.


There are 6 ungandan Knuckles hidden around the map, 1 of them requires free-cam to find.

Known Bugs:

Floating ships

Exploding on spawn ships

Ships crashing into things

Ships no sound


Ai getting stuck on ramps and walls

Ai falling off edges

Tank ai not following their pathing

Ai getting confused


The map



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