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My bi-weekly update, is coming early this week because this weekend is very busy for me with school.

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Well, with the weekend only 2 days away, Ive decided to bring my update out a little early this time. With finals going on through next week my weekend is going to be full of studying and not much else. Thus I have decided that it would be smart to post my news update early this time so that I can have the full weekend to study. So what has happened with the mod lately:

-Many bug fixes (Ive made the mod much more stable and hopefully the 1.0 BETA will not crash for many of you like the current version tends to..)
-New intro video
-Zombie sounds for the zombie team
-Some slight graphical improvements

None of this is really exciting except for the new video and sounds. So far, the sounds that I am using sound really well in-game, and I hope to get a demo video of them out sometime soon.

After thinking long and hard about my time available to spend on the mod and with the amount of work that still needs to be done, I've come up with a release date for the 1.0 BETA. This release date iis subject to change, but hopefully will stay concrete. So here it is, the release date for the 1.0 BETA will be set for: January first, 2010. This gives me a little less than a month to get everything smoothed out and running for the beta. So look for future updates on my progress towards 1.0 BETA and wethere or not the set date will stay as is.

One last thing I have to say before I end this news update, with lack of free time lately, ive not been able to take time to think up new and interesting things to add into the mod. So, Ive decided to place that task as an option to you. If there is something that you would like to see in the mod, post a comment on this news post about it and I will take a look and see what I can do. Please note: I cannot do the following: 1. Create a new gamemode 2. Create new models for anything 3. Make new maps (at the moment.. but I am still makign progress on learning how to do this) 4. Add in too many graphical effects without creating lag. So let your ideas flow and post a comment with them. :) If your idea makes it into the mod, Ill give you credit somewhere in the mod, for that idea. :D

Thats all I really have time to type right now :P (need to get back to studying) so look for another news update in a 1-2 weeks. :)


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