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Alpha Character Creator. This is a quick mock up on why there will be a character creator and a screenshot of a very alpha version of what I'm going for.

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Character Creating

One thing I find that's missing in many sprite based games. Is a character creator. I've played tons of rogue-likes over the years and the majority of the 2D ones which I love such as Castle of the Winds to Realm of the Mad God always had one element missing for me. Those awesome 2D games you would trawl dungeons and lands for hours for the most epic of loot but on your toon/sprite in game. The only place the loot would be reflected would inside of your inventory. I want to try show the armor & weapons you find on the sprite in game. This will be a bit to manage and I like maybe eventually (down the long road) having the ability to dye armor later on or color it at any time. Currently I wish for players to be able to colorize their beginning look. So upon creating your character you will come across a screen similar to this concept I created.

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