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Another mode is completed, just one more mode to go, then it'll be time to prepare to release this game!

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After a break away from coding games whilst catching up with life events, I've updated the game with a 2 minute mode, geared up more for quick mobile gaming blasts, starting off with more intense waves of enemies, culminating in a variant of the games first boss, geared more towards score farming, with a large bonus at the end for beating it within the time limit.

I'm intending for the 5 minute mode to extend from the 2 minute mode with a similar boss waiting at the end, again, based off a later boss, geared more towards bonus point farming, with a larger bonus for beating it, with additional bonuses for completing the mode with lives / time remaining.

Easy modes of both games will work in a similar manner to the easy versions of arcade mode, with fewer enemies, more starting lives and a lower barrier to entry for each boss.

Balancing out the different ships is proving to be quite tough as manual shots are more readily spammable, so auto shots may need some beefing up for these modes in particular.

Thanks for reading and I hope to send out another update shortly with more details on completion of 5 minute mode.

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