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Not a lot to show, but some info and 'the plan' for the next week or two.

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Ok folks, heres this week's update. From this point on, I will limit the news updates to one per week, maybe less. Screens will still be posted as I complete the work, or near it. Occasionally concepts will be shown for feedback.

Real Life: I've had a change of job, hence a change of hours I work. Which means MORE. The last two months were pretty much all free time except for a day or two a week I worked. My vacation time I accululated for the last 3 years started to run out, so I found a new job. This means less time to work on the Mod, but thats not neccesarily a bad thing. Sometimes, getting a lot of work done in a short time isnt so good, because lter you may come up with a better idea and end up having to redo extra work. This often happens in the course of development.

Mod Plan: The next two weeks will primarily be spent creating the overlays I need to hash out the storyline in-game. These are what pops up on the screen when you grab a DataTab. I'll also be focusing on the Touchscreen panels and their tetures, as each one will require a different skin/texture for its screen. (well, most of them. Some will be generic repeated base textures)

I'll also be working on textures for the R&D areas, with a sterile whitish environment being the atmosphere Im shooting for. These areas will be 'rounder' than the squarish Engineering areas Ive shown so far.

Textures for the surface of the planet are also being created; I've done some custom snow and rock textures and many more will be neccesary.

Construction of the commons areas, pictures in the screens a few updates ago, has also begun. I dont expect a large amount of progress in this area just yet as textures and overlays will be the main focus of work for now.

Current Progress: The engineering decks are coming along slowly but surely, and some minor revisions are being made to what has been done so far. Some of the monitors are being remodeled, and the new screen textures are being applied to the old models I'm keeping. This will retain the theme pictured in the overlays and on the Touchscreen wall panels pictured earlier.

New models are also in the works. Some new computer displays/workstations are about halfway done. Models for the lab areas have started as well, starting with hospital-type beds with a twist: they hover. Various rocks and boulders are done for the planet's surface, with many many more to come.

All in all, not a lot of mapping has taken place lately so there is no point in posting screens. The work has been in modelling and texture creation, and that is where it will mainly be for the next week or so. I will, however, get a few screens of the new models and textures up on the next update.

Finally, Heres a short Vid of the new and improved Title Screen:

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