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It is 1 year anniversary of EXQ! Weapons and Monsters tutorials are written.

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1.Vampire Axe
It seems to be a normal axe, but it absorbs monsters lives.
Alternative weapon: Jet pack
You can freely fly faster with jet engined back pack.

2.Super shot gun
Like all types of Fps weapons, it can damage normal to your enemies.
When you pickup lightning gun, this weapon will be changed exploder.

Riot gun shoots double speed of super shot gun. It also provides severe knock back for enemies in front of you!

4.Nail gun
It is symbolic and historically quake weapon. This weapon has shooting mode of several ammos.
The shooting modes are dependent of your acquired weapons.
*Normal nail
It can damage 8 lives.
*Lava nail
It can be activated by picking up riotgun. 12 damage per ammo.
*Heavy nail
It can be activated by picking up lighting gun. Shoot with heavy uranium slugs.

5.Chain cannon (also called terminator)
It's one of the most powerful weapon in EXQ. It shoots heavy slugs made by phobotite from Phobos star fall which contains the unstable matters. When it penetrates objects with heavy explosion.
This gun power is so powerful and knock back is so heavy, there are little person(like ranger) to handle this weapon.

6.Lava Grenade launcher
It shoots very hot lava balls when it powerups.

7.Rocket launcher(single rocket/ multi rocket)
Friend of battle.

8.Lightning gun
The fire power of Lightining gun depends on the remaining cells.
If you have greater than 90 cells, the fire power will be maximized.
Alternative1: Dark plasma cannon
This weapon shoots dark matter, which breakdown enemys to moleculer level.
Dark matter has also heavy gravity fields absorbs monsters.
Alternative2: BFG20k(from ver3.0)
Everyone will waiting for this weapon, the BFG.
Thats all.

1.Zombie Dog
was replaced for evil one. If you see them I recommend you to leave away!

Faster one was added. He is not simply faster but also shoots grenades.

3.Enforcer/Mega enforcer/ Enforcer Tank/ Mega tank
Enforcers shoots various weapons; laser gun, plasma gun, Perticle rifle, drunkerand Dark matters. From ver. 3.0, riot gun will be added for their weapon!.

4.Ogre/Tyrant Ogre
Tyrant Ogre is one of the strongest monsters in EXQ.
They shoots many weapons depend on the weapon range.
It is said that there is rare type monster which shoots super weapons.

There are three types; armored knight, statued knight and normal one.
Armored knight moves the fastest speed among all monsters!
Statued knight has thick armor and attacks very hard.

6.Death Knight/Super death knight/Lord/Bane(rare)
Super death knight kills every life form in front of him in a moment.
They are awaiting for new victims.

Demon2 is appeared from early ages of EXQ.
They shoots powerful Dark matterd ball like BFG10k!

8.Shamblers/ Cyber
There are three types of Shamblers. If you see the Cyber, get away from here.

There are many other monsters in EXQ. Let's find new monsters.

Daikon eliminates everything in front of him by gishiki(white u shaped missile).Damage of Gishiki is so incredible and it can be said that "beyond imagination of humanity".

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