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On update on how stuffs progressing, how it will be progressing, and how I'll be showing a new ship. (I've always wanted a decent carrier-type ship in EAW, how bout you?)

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It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me, but I’m almost ready to throw my full effort into the story campaign – that’s right it’s not done yet.

Besides my exam and the considerable revision that it entailed, I’ve been spending lots – and I mean lots – of my time on stuff for other people.

There are Clone Troopers that keep fighting me every step of the way as I try to rig and animate them, vehicles that need animations, a Star Destroyer that needs rigging and animating, a small fighter that needs to be knocked up, and last week I started rigging a ship from SOASE: Rebellion for
someone who asked nicely.

I’m slowly wading through all this, and once I’m done I’ll be able to get stuck in to the campaign in earnest – at least until the next lot of Uni assignments come round in a week or so.

It’s not quite the timeline I envisioned, but I never planned on so many people at once asking for my assistance.

I’m fully intending on releasing the 1.0.2 of the mod this week – it WILL be a full install, containing everything that was in the 1.0.1 and the 1.0 – despite not having (fully) resolved the install issue some people were having. But I’ve done all I can to fix it without some more feedback, so I’ll mention how to get around the install issue when I upload the release.

(This also means that you’ll need to uninstall the previous
version, and THEN delete the Secrets_Of_The_Venator folder)

I’m also planning on uploading some shots of a new ship I’ve been working on when I got angry at bones and animations for being difficult.

Thanks for your patience,


And an addendum: Have any of you ever played Geoff Crammond's GP4?
For those who have, and want to pick it up again - greatly increased reliability now - I recommend you get the 2013 mod for it from here. (If you've never used a mod for GP4, and don't want to download the required tools, or have a low-end PC/laptop then download this laptop version - it is the original game, rebuilt for the 2013 mod)

For those who have not, it is THE best F1 sim ever*.
The original game was buggy sometimes, but the dedicated and talented community have released patch after patch, and tool after tool, until it is now pretty reliable if you set it up properly.

*The Codemasters games are exactly that - games, not sims. (Although if you have it on PC, you can find mods that make it much more sim-like)


thanks for the news!

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