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Oh my god, we’re so flattered and speechless that we roll out an update!

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Oh yeah! 1st place player’s choice. That has happened. We couldn’t be more happy. We appreciate your support oh so much.

The timing couldn’t be better. That’s the perfect present for New Year. Thank you all for the support and motivational boost. We could not be more grateful that you, players, chose our special brand of evil.

So to show our gratitude here’s some magic. Ice wizard! Fire wizard! And one that we won’t say anything about. His death is a terrible secret, the conspiracy of druids designed to hide their twisted nature. Revealing it now would shatter all your views and beliefs.

Ice wizard death

Wizard death

Druid death

That’s it for today, you marvelous guys. We wish you all merry christmas, happy new year and all that! When we stop endorsing the stereotype and sober up, we’ll be back and show you the UI. The most important milestone there is now.

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