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Version [PROTOTYPEv001.2]: I implemented the new Skilltree-System wich allows you to modificate your Character (Not your ship), to get some nice effects on the five mainskills.

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Version [PROTOTYPEv001.2]:


Allow you to get more efficiency on your mining projects.
That includes things like faster mining speed, or the quality of your ore's and minerals.


Allow you to get more efficiency on your engineering projects.
That includes things like more templates for your own component creations.


Allow you to get more efficiency on many aspects of the game.
You can learn the language of other species, or discover interesting things in abandoned shipwrecks.


Allow you to be a better teamleader of your own fleet.
Bigger fleets, new commands, or other things that affect on your fleet.


Allow you to be a more efficient fighter.
Damageboost, precision or "lucky situations" while you are fighting.

The next i'll do is to complete the Merchant-System and the whole Modification-System.
After i finished these steps, i'll improve the gameplay itself. First of all, the Mining-System.

By the way, i got some try's on music for this game on my own. First try ever to do something with music creation :)
(You can listen to it on my website)

I am always happy to see, when you like the project and follow the whole developement.
It's not this easy to write this articles as a german, to manage the 3DGraphic, the 2DGraphic, the whole scripting and so on. And all this an a nice amount of time.

So, stay tuned!

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