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New maps from Bofur01, a new revamped website and new concepts from FellbeastIII.

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Greetings to all who would listen, we apologize for the slight lack of the last few 'weekly updates', as unforeseeable events took place, hindering our progress. However, as you may have gathered from the title, we're back with lots of updates. Firstly, our head coder and programmer {IP} Apollo has completely revamped our website to make it far less cumbersome for updating and faster to load, and we plan to add a number of new features.

Now we move on to the newly unveiled maps, constructed by Bofur01:
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Borders of Lorien
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Deadman's Dike
Posted Image
Northern Mirkwood
And now on to new models and skins, created by myself:
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Revamped (Monster) Lair
Posted Image
Dunedain Ballista
Posted Image
Goblin Scavenged ArmoursNote that these skins will be randomly applied to Scavenged Armoured units, for realistic effect.
Posted Image
New Shellmap
Posted Image
Barad-Dur Map Prop(As yet untextured)
And lastly for the update, I have a new wallpaper for you guys, if you want to use it:
Posted Image
The entire team thanks you for reading and your continued support, though we've also to announce that two of our number have now officially left, Pas5evermark and {IP} Solstice, whom we will miss dearly, myself particularly, as they have been mapping for Quenta Silmarillion since its very inception.
This is a story that will stay with us. That means something, even if we're too small to understand why. But I think, dear members of Revora, we do understand. We know now. Folk in stories have had lots of chances of turning back, only they didn’t. They kept going. Because they were holding on to something. What are we holding on to? That there’s some good in this world, fellow Revorians… and it’s worth modding for.

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