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So, it only took me 3 years from submitting this game and some patch files and links to doing an update. Various updates have been rolled out in that time and I've been busy but the lates have been copied over from the Project Magma site and loaded up here.

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While we're at it a big thank you to Project Magma who have kept Myth 1, 2, & 3 rolling onto newer operating systems, also to the community for keeping old plugins working and creating new ones. And to whoever did the Mjolnir Project that ported Marathon characters to Myth, I have too much fun tanking with Marines while the rest of my force shoots at the enemy in a blind panic and kill their selfs.

So while we're at it I'd like to point out that it is the Myth II 15th anniversary this year. The game came out in November 1998 and introduced me to online gaming on my shiny still newish B Revision iMac. To think that the time spent playing this game could have resulted in me getting better GCSE results than the five Cs (one on a retake) and four Ds that I eventually had. And they're still worth s*** anyway (except for getting onto some A Levels or maybe a City and Guilds).

Myth World Cups may have come and gone along with ranked play, newer and possibly better games have come onto our screens only to be forgotten in the deluge of AAA titles and indie releases for year upon year. Myth 2 is still around, like Doom and Quake it has it's own little corner of the internet. Go and visit it, see if you (still) enjoy a classic tactical strategy. -


Well said.

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