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Check out Illyriad's latest patch, a small list of needed fixes

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Hello everyone!
A small patch was deployed recently, here is the list of what's inside:

  • Notifications page now displays up to 1000 items
  • Accounts you sit for now display correct count down days
  • Building Iron Mine levels 9 and 10 had their resource production corrected
  • Tenaril's units now classified as Undead
  • Overroad Traders' Sergeants unit are now Dwarven
  • Map squares no longer always say "Unclaimed" but indicate the square's relationship: Hostile, Neutral, NAP, Confederation, Alliance, Yours
  • Player Growth Graphs for sovereignty and town count are fixed
  • Signatures in Forum and IGM mail are fixed

If you have any questions or see any issues with the update, let us know!
GM Rikoo

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