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Ultimate Apocalypse - Complete Collection (1.62.5) has been released on March 5th 2011

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Hello fans of the Apocalypse. Since Tyrantarmy6 or Cosmocrat is not around to submit the newest and finest mod, I (Cylarne) shal submit it myself.

!1.62.5 Is Released!

Ultimate Apocalypse - Complete Collection (1.62.5) has been released on March 5th 2011 . The mod is an entire patch that not only patches the 'Actual' mod, but includes as well, XP1 (Total Destruction), and our gloriest and hailworthy expansion yet, XP2 (New Races). Both expansions and the mod itself can be found in one download link, located here.

Visit our home page to download the mod

Krronus and I were planning this for almost a year now as XP2 is finally born into the Ultimate Apocalypse mod. XP2 involves two new races called Tyranids and the Inquisition Daemonhunt. Both races were given our own Apocalypse qualities and are now equipped to take on the other remaining 9 races. With godly thanks to the Tyranid mod team and the Daemonhunters team, XP2 now exists and can be downloaded now!

Like stated before, XP1 is also involved which sets up the game for players in a separate mod that involves no limit. That's right, no limit! Unlimited titans, structures, turrets, hqs, you name it, as every later version brings to you a powerful demonstration of absolute dominance and extreme power.

As usual, the complete collection involves the Actual mod. It is the basic awesomeness that is used also with XP1 and XP2 as a combination. It is the largest in size of all and is the most needed mod for any expansion to work. Everything Apocalyptic can be found within and it is still in progress being made towards perfection.

With a little bonus as well, I added some fun cool looking gadgets within the complete collection. A readme for all, XP2 required mods, bonus items and the installation can be found too. As the later versions continue to progress, surely no mod can top us.

Have fun with the complete collection and enjoy for the first time, XP2!

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