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As the Carnivores series lurches onto it's nigh on 13th anniversary (so long!?) New and amazing things are happening! Make sure to get the Inside scoop now!

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First of all, the year kicked off with a massive bang, one of our members at the Carnivores Saga Forums found a game called "Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter" for the iPhone/iPod Touch. At first I was skeptical, not quite understanding just how powerful these handheld devices could be, but soon the truth came out of the woodwork and we all got very excited very fast.

A group called "Tatem Games" who make games for the iPhone platform, conversed with Action-Forms members (original creators of the Carnivores games) and have gained permission and we assume a license to create and distribute a ported version of the Carnivores 2 games for the iPhone! The trailer and teaser shots were enough to drool over and while we were all a bit iffed by the the First Person Controls set up on the iPhone, the game seemed to play well and easily in trailers.
Quickly after, we had the Public Relations guys come over to our forum and begin answering our questions, and they've been very friendly and very appreciative of our work into hacking the game, as it made their job remaking the game for the iPhone a lot easier :) We've also been told that it is quite possible that we will be given the original resource developement tools and I am hoping that us Source-code holders will obtain the source-code to those tools as well.

Shortly following this massive explosion of activity, I went back and continued updating the OpenGL renderer, and managed to get the Direct3D 9 renderer up and running and boy oh boy am I amazed! It runs so smoothly on my old decripit machine and so far hasn't crashed and burned on start up on anyone else's computers, even the ones that were unable to play the old Direct3D renderer :D
It's still a ways off of being 100% completed and ready for expansion, but each day I creep closer to completing the two new renderers, and each day I am able to show beta screens of things that I've fixed in the game.

Lastly, if anyone is interested in beta testing these new renderers and anything else we cook up in the beta room, you might want to join this WLM group:
Windows Live Messenger Carnivores Beta Testers Group

That's all for now folks, stay tuned and get ready for the next update =D


sounds great!

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