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This is the plans for the upcoming patch. If you know any bug, please comment in the article. I will update it as things progress.

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1.5 new features:

1.5 features:
- Death Skull and Blood Axe custom appearances.Done
-New Tier 2 unit, Ard Wartrukk. An up armoured trukk with twice the health but lower speed.Done
-Adding the heroes as summonable tier 2 units from the WAAAGH banner, so that you only choose which abilities you get and which hero you start with and which you summon later. Done
-Increase the stats of some ork abilities that are sub par. Done
-Increase Looted Tank rate of fire. Done

New Unit: Ard Wartrukk
-A tier 2 version of the Wartrukk with extra armour added. This is meant to be a more durable source of reinforcements until you get your Battlewagon so that you can keep your boys' numbers up without having to worry about the very fragile wartrukks.

Chaos Legions:
-Sonic cannons for MoS Land Raider. (Lascannon graphics) Could not do this, but I could replace the Heavy Bolters with Blastmasters. Done
-Plague Shells for MoN Land Raider HB that now slows the targets it hits. Slighty reduced damage and slight damage over time effect. Done
-Balefire shells for the MoT Land Raider's Heavy bolters, these have plasma AP but deal much less damage, being better against heavy infantry but not against lighter infantry. Done
-Khorne favour will retain its damage bonus passive ability. Done
-Rework Chaos Heroes: Plague champion and 3 new Champions for each god added as summonable heroes to the Shrines. Done
-Replace Noise Marines for Khorne faction with Warp Talons. Done
-Khorne Champion: Melee focused hero with the ability to get a jump pack. Done
-Slaanesh Champion: Long ranged hero. Done
-Tzeentch Champion: Can be configured for melee or ranged. Done
-Maul Champion's maul damage reduced to SM non hero TH damage, from SM hero TH damage. It was taking out Hierodules way too quick. Done

New Unit: Warp Talons
-Limited to 1, and available at Tier 2 only for Khorne.Done
-Jetpack Marines with dual Lightning claws. Can take Maul Champion and melta bombs. Done
-In addition to Raptor abilities, it can also teleport and become phased out like Bloodletters.Done

New Unit: Blood Champion
-Limited to 1, and available at Tier 2 from the Shrine. Done
-Standard weapon is chainaxe and bolt pistol. Done
-The Chainaxe and Volkite pistol wargear moved to this unit from Plague Champion.Done
-Two handed daemon maul with AOE smash. Done
-Armour of the Damned: Gives the hero the ability to damage all enemies around him. Done
-Possessed armour: Greatly increases health regeneration. Done
-Blood Runes: Lets the hero go into a bloody frenzy, healing as he causes damage. Done
-Dark Halo: Adds the Iron Halo to the hero. Done

New Unit: Champion of Fate
-Limited to 1, and available at Tier 2 from the Shrine. Done
-Daemon sword with plasma pistol: powerful melee weapon that can burn an area. Done
-Inferno Bolter: A powerful anti infantry weapon. Done
-Powersword and bolter as standard weapon. Done
-Armour of Fate: Increases the damage taken for an enemy unit. Done
-Armour of Mutation: Heals a targeted ally unit. Grants the teleportation ability. Done
-Charms of Destiny: Grants the ability to reduce damage to an allied squad. Done
-Personal Teleporter: Grants the teleportation ability. Done
-Not available to Nurgle.Done

New Unit: Champion of Agony
-Limited to 1, and available at Tier 2 from the Shrine. Done
-Sonic Blade with Inferno pistol moved to this unit from Chaos Sorcerer.Done
-Sonic Blaster Weapon as standard weapon. Done
-Blastmaster Weapon. Done
-Sonic Armour moved to this unit from Chaos Sorcerer. Done
-Armour of Agony: Damages any unit who strikes the Champion. Done
-Halucinogenic greandes: A stronger flasbang. Done
-Doom Siren: Lets the hero knock back nearby enemies. Done
-Not available to Khorne. Done

I may implement god-based restrictions, such as Khorne missing Noise Marines and Slaanesh Champion, Nurgle missing the Tzeentch Champion, and Tzeentch missing the Plague Champion. Done

-Fix Devilfish extra armour tooltip. Done
-Fix Kroot Demolisher and Sarge upgrade tooltip. Done
-Fix Skyray storm eagly tooltip. Done
-Fix Light Hammerhead extra armour and Plasma Cannon upgrade. Done
-Give Skyray and Heavy Hammerhead extra armour upgrade. Done
-Fix Shas'ui medikit upgrade tooltip. Done
-Skyray now fires the correct 6 missiles instead of 4. Their area of effect have been halved and their Fx changed so that it is not overwhelmingly superior to the Manticore, which already has an inferior standard armament and requires an additional Tier upgrade.Done
-Drones for battlesuits. Gun drone upgrade costs half as much but only gives one gun drone. Done
-Fixed heavy weapons Shas'ui tooltip.Done
-Fixed a but with Battlesuit upgrade Ui. Done
-Fixed the tooltip of the Tau commander's heal ability. Done

Grey Knights:
-Fix unlimited dreadnought spam. Done

Legiones Astartes:
-Fixed the HH era bolters not animating correctly.Done
-Reworked Legion Command Squad to be on the same level as the Chapter one, giving the Support marine a plasma gun, the Breacher a power sword and the Sergeant a power axe.Done

Imperial Guard:
-Fixed an original Relic "abiltiy" typo with the Catachan Devil's demolition man.Done
-Smoke grenades for IG tanks. Done
-Catachan, Vostroyan and Steel Legion guard outfits.Done

Known bugs:

-Venerable Dreadnought becomes invincible for far too long.Done
-Eldar sometimes crash.
-Eldar Avatar too fragile.


I have the question,

•Side Wargears
Sonic cannons - Slaanesh
Plague flame cannons - Nurgle
Hurricane bolters - Khorne or Tzeentch
Lass cannons(Default) - Khrone or Tzeeetch

I think about Wargear with Chaos gods.

Then, What are the remaining Front wargear to replace the Twin Linked Heavy Bolters in Chaos Land Raiders with others patterns? Like SM's Assaults cannons? Or New Chaos Wargears?

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DeusImperator Author

I do not want to upgrade them fully to the Sm variants.

I may just keep the lascannons on them all, I am not sure if it bends the lore too much or not. Assault Cannon is 40k SM gear.

Chaos never head other land raider patterns, but can we say that the Chaos Forgeworlds do not produce anything different?

Plus the models may not work with the Chaos LR.

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Then, what are the Chaos Land raiders you want?
Please, I want to know more about your plan.

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DeusImperator Author

I just do not know yet. I got ideas in my head but I'm just not sure.

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very nice so far

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