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With 1.40 being released a week ago, we've made several adjustments and added some features based on community feedback.

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  • Fixed all cores being able to overdrive after player frozen.
  • Regen Core has received a bit of an overhaul. Hold your activate core key to start draining energy for health. After 3 seconds you will create an area of effect (AOE) pulse healing nearby allies for +25 health.
  • Warp core is now back to it's old rules. You can now enter a scar while holding the flag though. This may get changed later on if the right balance is found.
  • Basic first-person core activation effect added. The screen now fades a different colored tint for regen/shield for now (regen will show a green tint, while shield will show a blue tint).
  • Skybolt damage lowered.
  • Dodge keypress memory reduced to 125ms to prevent unintentional diagonal dodges so often.
  • Missing Regen AOE effect for allies was added.
  • A tutorial for the map editor was created, and can be read by visiting the Custom Maps forum.

More on the way!

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