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Hello friends. Now you can be happy, because we finished work with the 1.33b version of the Imperial TW mod. See more the changes list in this article.

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1.33b version is here

The idea to make Imperial TW a mod-folder and not replace the original came to me back in February, and we talked about it with my friend Haktar. The main mod master and the founder of famous and respected Imperial historian community gave permission for such an update. After the release of the first mod-folder build, we thought about what to add to it in the future. To begin with, it was necessary to fix all the other bugs and adjust something with the balance, and only then get to the new things.

What was added afterwards, in 1.33b:
- Fixed all bugs, crashes and sprites errors. Everything works fine now. (if, nevertheless, crashes occur, then this is no longer a problem in mod, but in the PC settings or in the graphics options).
- Fixed music tracks. New music in the main menu.
- Added a few more new units (mainly for Armenia, Pontus, Parthia, Seleucids and some other factions).
- The late Roman troops were slightly weakened (so that there was no imba).
- There are minor gameplay changes for some factions.
- Many new reskins directly from the Barbarians Revenge mod.
- Added addiyional campaign of Tigran the Great (on the map from Imperial TW). There is no binding to the character himself, but after his death in battle there is no point in playing. Tigran has his own separate platoon of elite bodyguards. According to the plot of the campaign, it will be necessary to create a Great Armenia, and at the same time prevent Roman domination in Asia Minor. The beginning of the campaign is 110 BC. Many factions from the original campaign are not included in the plot for Tigran campaign.
- The easter egg has appeared for the Scipio faction. Which one - you will find it yourself.

A special addon for Additional Campaigns has also appeared. Pay attention to it. Its main thing.

List of add-on campaigns:
- Campaign 126 BC (ported to the Cardinal's Imperial TW map)
- Punic Wars campaign (ported map Punic_Wars)
- Campaign of Alexander the Great (ported map of Alex from Cardinal)

All portation work and patch fixes were created by me, BagaturKhan. English translations are within.


1.33b Mod-foldered version link

Campaigns addon for the 1.33b

Installation of mod-folder version is very simple. And you know how to do it, i think. Also if you want to install campaign addon, just put all files from there to ImperialTW folder. and you will have a chance to see additional campaigns in new maps.

- Haktar (my good friend and founder of this mod!)
- 126 BC, AlexanderUpdated and Punic_Wars map creators
- KLA (1 model)
- Barbarians Revenge (some reskins)
- Imperial Community (well, this is the main thanks!)


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