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Here is a summary of all the changes in the newest update of the mod!

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The newest update of my submod is here with some changes, a lot of it based on feedback from YOU, the players!

The highlight of this update is that the new clone units are now back to squad format, but they look so much better now! I've also been working on adding scripts so there's a few cool ones thrown in!

Link to download:

New Units:
-Added General Kota as a T4 Republic Hero (Trained on Corellia).
-Added Kota's Militia trained on any planet General Kota is orbiting. (Limit of 3)

New Planets:
-Skako to the following GCs: Clone Wars, Core Assault, From Ashes, Fall of the Jedi.

New Scripts:
-Added a script that automatically upgrades Phase 1 clones to Phase 2 variants at Tech 5.
-Added random ship heights for all capitals, frigates, and corvettes.

Unit Changes:
-Switched new clone models to squad format again.
-Rewrote a lot of the unit texts to better match the unit.
-Gave Tarkin the Fire All Batteries ability.
-Added new custom names for Pinnance Dreadnought, Venator, Star Destroyer, Victory, Providence, Recusant, Lucrehulk, Arquitens, Acclamator, Clone Troopers.
-Gave General Grievous a custom fighter that launches from his capital ship.
-Changed B1 and Super Battledroid build sounds.
-Added Fire All Weapons to Acclamator and Acclamator 2.
-Gave General Kalani a Providence in space.
-Gave Umbaran Militia take cover ability.
-Gave Y-Wings hyperdrives.
-Capped ARC build limit to 5.
-Capped BX Commando build limit to 5.

Bug Fixes:
-Removed Saesee Tiin and the P1 Clone Commander from ROTE.
-Fixed Rex and Wolffe t-pose issue (Thanks TheProtato923 for the fix).
-Fixed Ki-Adi Mundi's glitch causing him to get stuck. (Thanks TheProtato923 for the fix).
-Fixed an issue causing some ground vehicles to be available on Rishi.
-Fixed an issue allowing the AI to produce the old clone units.
-Temporary fix for Magnaguard's causing crashes.
-Fix for Cydon Prax not appearing in GC. (Temporarily removed)
-Fixed ion cannon garrison.
-Fixed Plo Koon's Strike ability.
-Fixed duplicating jedi after they died.
-Fixed ARC Trooper Abilities.

Misc Changes:
-Started framework for Republic campaign mode.
-Updated planet descriptions to show what planets train what special units.
-Added visible pathfinding to space units.
-Credits are now spent over time as you build (Like EaW Remake), rather than taking a lump sum when you click build.
-Added more units to skirmish.
-Increased buildable structures on Malastare from 2 to 4.
-Gave Carida and Kamino a starting Arc Facility in all GC's.
-Increased max ground forces on a planet from 20 to 30.
-Increased number of buildable factories per planet from 2 to 4.
-Adjusted mining facilities to attempt to balance economy a little more.

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