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Patch notes for version 1.29 of the Android version! In tonight's patch, we've addressed the annoying 20 second shut down hang ups and have added the initial version of the interaction button for players who have HD devices and tablets!

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Tonight's update is now uploaded for both the demo and full version. Here is a list of what we added/changed/fixed.
Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some of the lag issues from the recent patches. Still some more floating about that we are looking into.
  • Made it so summons don't have an interaction window so you can pick up items.
  • Fixed the bug causing slow shutdown times.
  • Fixed the map/quest journal cooldown timer bug.
  • Fixed the combat reticule scaling bug in zoom mode.
  • Stopped certain wand/spell particles from sticking in walls.
  • (Untested) Prevented low resolution devices from engaging Large GUI mode which would prevent you from easily using the menus because things would overlap and fill up the screen.
  • Fixed footstep sounds.

Tablet Mode

  • Added an interaction button so tablet users don't have to reach across the screen for most things. (Talking to npcs, using a switch, picking up items). This button is still in its initial stages. It currently will only show up if your screen resolution has a height of 500 pixels, due to screen real estate issues, but we will work on improving that in the form of an option. We will also be improving the user friendliness of the button and how you can use it. It should be pretty nice for tablet users as it is though, as long as you have tablet mode engaged as well.


  • Adjusted the cooldown timers and healing amounts for the healing items.

We've still got a huge slew of things we are working on. We are currently at patch 1.29, and we plan to release the melee combat overhaul that we've been talking about in 1.30. We'll keep working on our todo list and have that finished up around 1.39, then plan to release the final big patch which will feature a large expansion to the game in terms of content and the world map in 1.40. We hope that that will mark the "completion" of 9th Dawn and that we can then work on perfecting the PC version and from there move on to our next awesome project. This is going to be an exciting next few weeks for 9th Dawn, now that things have gotten more stable bugwise/crashwise and we can finally get to cracking down on content fixes and additions and gameplay enhancement.

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