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There was an issue with the user interface on the Terran refinery. It has been resolved now, and I have also included installation instructions in the latest release.

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There was an issue with the user interface on the Terran refinery. It has been resolved now, and I have also included installation instructions in the latest release.

-Repositioned harvester build button.
-Included installation instructions.

-Removed Terran bonus mentioned in 1.26 due to balance issues.
-Added conquest.ini to enable 32bit textures and higher resolutions.

-Fixed projectile/beam damages to reflect damages 1.2 change log.
-Added Corvette to Terran Refinery build list as an experimental racial bonus.

-Repositioned Lancer Cruiser build button.
-Added Light Shipyard ships to the Heavy Shipyard construction list.
-Removed remaining blackhole spawn.

-Light Shipyards can now build Lancer Cruisers.

-Reduced command point costs of Mantis and Celareon weapon platforms to bring them in line with Terran changes.
-Plasma Hive command point cost reduced to 3(5).
-Plasma Spitter command point cost reduced to 1(3).
-Voraak Cannon command point cost reduced to 5(8).
-ESP Coil command point cost reduced to 1(2).
-Hydrofoil command point cost reduced to 1(3).
-Proteus command point cost increased to 3(2).
-Starburst command point cost decreased to 8(18).
-Increased Celareon Portal range to 6(2).
-Increased Celareon Portal command point cost to 12(5).
-Supply Ship command point costs reduced to 1(3).
-Canged Supply Ship ranges and supply rates based on race.

Zorap: 7.5 supply rate(5), supply range 2(2).
Stratum: 3.5 supply rate(5), supply range 4(2.5).
Terran Supply Ship: 5 supply rate(5), supply range 3(2.5).

-Corrected mistake in 1.19 change log. Lancer cruiser range is 3.75(3.5).

-Balckholes removal.

-Increased Fleet Carrier fighter damage to 6(3(Hive Carrier 5).
-Increased Space Station fighter damage to 6(2(Hive Carrier 5).
-Increased Corvette damage to 5(3).
-Increased Voraak Cannon damage to 300(100).
-Increased Hive Carrier Repellant cloud DPS to 4(1).
-Decreased Hyades nebula DPS to 2.25(5).

-Increased supplies of the Missile crusier to 145(100).
-Increased Corvette hull points to 350(200).
-Increased Taos hull points to 275(160).
-Increased Scout Carrier hull points to 300(160).
-Decreased Khamir build time to 15(90, Scout carrier 25, Corvette 38).
-Increased cost of Terran Battleship to 1350 ore and 300 crew(1000 ore, 200 crew).
-Increased cost of Celareon Trireme to 1350 gas and decreased crew to 200(1200 gas, 300 crew).
-Decreased cost of Mantis Scarab to 1000 ore(crew cost is 400(Ore was at 1500).
-Increased Ion Cannon Range to 30.
-Decreased Laser Turret command point cost to 1(3).
-Decreased Space Station command point cost to 3(6).
-Decreased Space station resource costs to 750 ore, 350 gas(1500 ore, 1500 gas).
-Rebalanced storages by adding storage amounts to Shipyards and partially removing storage from refinery type structures.

Name:ore storage, gas storage, crew storage.
Thripid:850, 600, 350
Niad:4500, 3000, 2400
Light Shipyard:875, 675, 100
Heavy Shipyard:4000, 2800, 1200
Pavilion:500, 900, 100
Greater Pavilion:1500, 3600, 900

Collector:225, 150, 90
Greater Collector:1125, 750, 600
Warlord Training Center:600 crew
Refinery:1000, 700
Marine Training Facility:30 crew
Naval Academy:350 crew
Oxidator:375, 900
Bunker:50 crew
Citadel:250 crew

-Increased damage of Hyades nebula from 0.2 to 5.
-Increased duration of Gravity Well to 45 seconds(15).
-Increased damage of Corvette to 7(3).
-Increased damage of Taos to 9(4).
-Increased damage of Khamir to 4(3).

-Rebalanced Celareon and Terran ranges(Monolith 4.5(5), Dreadnaught 5(4.5), Trireme 3(5), Battleship 5(3), Taos 1.75(2), Corvette 2(1.75), Lancer Cruiser 3.75(3)).
-Mantis Thripid now costs 1500 ore and 500 gas(2000 ore).
-Terran Fleet Carrier now has an additional wing of fighters.

-Switched ore and gas costs of a large amount of Celareon platforms so as to make them more gas reliant.
-Reduced ore cost of Acropolis to 2000(3000).
-Changed Celareon Jumpgate ore cost to 200 and gas cost to 800(1000 ore).
-Changed Mantis jumpgate cost to 650 ore and 650 gas(1000 ore).
-changed Terran jumpgate cost to 800 ore and 200 gas(1000 ore).
-Changed resource costs of Celareon Bunker(Marine Training Facility equivalent) to 350 ore and 800 gas(1000 ore).
-Reduced Oxidator cost to 800 ore(1000).
-Changed Pavilion cost to 500 ore and 1500 gas(2000 ore).
-Changed Taos model back to original model.
-Galiot(celareon harvester) cost changed to 25 ore and 175 gas.
-Added two new systems for large play.

A system composed of a large hyades nebula.
A system with 0-2 moons in a large planetary debris field(Asteroid field).

-Hive Carrier hull point 1450(650).
-Hive Carrier sensor range increased to 7(5).
-Hive carrier shields increased to 17%(10%).
-Corvette supply points increased to 200(120).
-Aurora range increased to 3.75(3).

-Removed Infiltrator model replacement due to crashing issues.
-Removed Tiamat model replacement.
-Fleet Carrier supplies increased to 800(600).
-Fleet Carrier build time reduced to 160(180).
-Fleet Carrier range increased to 9(7(Tiamat=12).
-Fleet Carrier sensor range increased to 7.25(4).
-Dreadnought shields increased to 27.5%(20%(Tiamat=30%).
-Monolith shields increased to 22.5%(20%(Tiamat=30%).
-Taos command point cost reduced to 1(2).
-Taos build time reduced to 28(30(Corvette 38).
-Scout Carrier range increased to 6(5).
-Scout Carrier sensor range increased to 4.25(3).
-Frigate hull points increased to 575(500).
-Frigate build time reduced to 55(75(Missile Cruiser=84).
-Lancer Cruiser hull points increased to 1000(700(Missile Cruiser=875).
-Lancer Cruiser command point cost reduced to 4(7).
-Aurora hull points increased to 900(600).
-Aurora build time increased to 100(83).
-Aurora command point cost increased to 4(3).
-Polaris hull points increased to 540(370).
-Seeker hullpoints reduced to 150(200).
-Seeker supplies reduced to 75(400).

-Replacement models for the following: Tiamat, Taos(Reverted in an unspecified version), Infiltrator, Missile Cruiser, and Corvette.

-Reduced Tiamat hull points to 3000(4500).
-Tiamat command point cost reduced to 15(20)(Reverted at unspecified point).
-Dreadnought hull points increased to 3750(3000).
-Monolith range inreased to 5(4.5(trireme=5, dreadnought 4.5).
-Monolith hull points increased to 3250(2000).
-Monolith command point cost increased to 10(9).
-All reconnaissance ships' sensor radius increased to 6(4).
-Warlord Training Grounds resource costs reduced to 2000 metal(2000 no change), 300 gas(500), 150 crew(300).
-Jumpgates provide 8 command points(6).

-Mantis and Terran reconnaissance ships recieve cloaks.
-Mantis and Celareon reconnaissance ships recieve model replacements.
-50% of the Terran ships recieve model replacements.
-Removal of command point costs from both reconnaissance and harvesting ships.
-Jumpgates now provide 6 command points(2).
-Mutation colony now has the same sensor range as an Eyestalk.
-Greater Collectors now provide greater storage then Collectors.
-Blackholes now do 30000 damage(7500).

-New command point structure(1 for 1 planet slot structures 2 for 2 and 3 for 3).
-Jumpgates now provide 2 command points(12).

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