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Answer to the previous poll and what I plan on doing with the mod in the future, which will be an implemented dual system catering to those who wanted to keep squaded infantry, and those who wanted me to press forward with singular infantry.

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Hi folks. :)

As a result of the feedback of the recent poll I have decided on a unique implementation of singular infantry whilst still partially retaining squad mechanics as described below.

The proposed changes:

There will now be 3 "wildcard" factions and 6 "main" factions which determine how the game will play depending on which one you choose:

Wildcard Factions:

Nod LegionZOCOM

The titular "wildcard" factions are factions that will play similarly to the C&C3 gameplay style but with unique mechanics that keep them using squads of infantry, the 3 factions are Nod Legion, ZOCOM and Traveler-59.

For instance, Nod Legion unlike Marked of Kane or Black Hand will be able to fill the screen with swarms of militants (their own advantage) but will be balanced to be less capable on a 1-1 basis vs any Black Hand or Marked of Kane troops.

ZOCOM will focus on highly trained marksmen and elite troops deployed in small fireteams, these will be expensive but on a par with singular troops of other factions, however focused into a squad format. They will be "multirole" unlike singular infantry, so a ZOCOM rifle squad will be able to deal with tanks and aircraft as an example.

Traveler 59 will focus on being a "Zerg Swarm" type faction, employing numerous weak alien troops in overwhelming numbers. There will be a lesser emphasis on speed as I aim to give them various abilities to help them achieve this, but the idea of Traveler-59 will be to stretch enemy resources / fighting vehicles thin against their horde, but generally being more of a nuisance to give the Traveler player time and keep his enemy occupied.

Main Factions:

The "main" factions will have a focus on Singular infantry each made to function like a "classic" faction. Singular infantry will be better performing on a 1-1 basis generally (exempting ZOCOM's elite infantry) and able to provide more punch to an assault in general, and singular infantry will be balanced to have their own unique differences from each other.

The "main" factions are GDI, Steel Talons, Marked of Kane, Black Hand, Scrin and Reaper-17.

I hope this solution will cater to those familiar with the squadding system and those who would like to see a return to the classic Singular system. Implementing this on a 2/3's basis allows me to implement this easier as well and should make it easier to balance as I have less factions to account for.

I look forward to showing these changes in upcoming updates. ^^


Cool idea. Really looking forward to trying it out.

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I like this take, subfaction distinction is always awesome.

Would like to see Nod Legion or Traveler feature an upgrade or mechanic allowing squad count regeneration outside battle though, as extra distinction. Would work thematically with Legion because militants are kinda a lot like GLA angry mob already, as for Traveler could be slightly weird outside Tiberium fields.

Also, just how versatile are ZOCOMs going to be? Hope not too much, could lead up to single unit type spamming.

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Burakkuhāto Author


I plan on implementing a few changes to allow for squad regeneration, not sure if they'll work yet but it'll be kinda like how the Voice of Kane tower regenerates health, I'll have it replenish squads too (assuming it works).

You see where I'm coming from with Legion, I do exactly want them to behave like C&C3;'s version of GLA (to the point that I plan on retexturing Marked and Black Hand missile squads to have their combat armor at some point), they will hopefully function as such with some work, pretty rag-tag but resourceful.

The Legion I envision as making up the bulk of Nod Forces around the world, the Marked of Kane being Kane's private army and most technologically advanced force, and the Black Hand being the fanatical religious sect who see Kane as their true messiah and will do anything for the brotherhood.

Traveler I want to be a kind of crazy faction, like the "outcasts" of Scrin. Scrin will be the main airforce / spaceforce faction, Reaper 17 will be ground forces and like the Scrin army as such.
Traveler 59 are the pioneers / pilgrims of Scrin, they spread out everywhere across the galaxy in huge numbers but are not necessarily the most well equipped or the most capable as they have less order than the other 2 factions.

ZOCOM wont be too strong, I aim to make them multipurpose in the sense that you can buy a leader of your choosing for the infantry (for instance like the Nod Confessor), so you might be able to equip squads with an additional Missile Soldier or other similar unit.

It wont truly replace the idea of having seperate squads, but make them more capable on a squad basis.

Currently I'm refactoring the mess of code that is the mod to make it easier to work on which will take a while, I've currently almost finished refactoring Nod and its subfactions which is good since their code was all over the place in one single folder. :P

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Oh wow buyable commanders for infantry squads? I like that. Will they bring some utility outside weaponry though, like actual officers buffing their squad, or marking their targets and working as detectors, or providing stealth?

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Burakkuhāto Author

Ideally yes. I'm currently trying to figure out ways of having changeable leaders for squads, but assuming I get it working I'd have unique mechanics like a Sniper Leader that helps stealth the squad and expands the vision range and making them more effective vs infantry...

Or a Missile / Anti-tank leader that lets the troops use their under-barrel grenade launchers as an ability and enables them to target air with their assault rifles. (Though this depends on the squad which abilities they receive etc)

I aim for it to be an in-depth system with multiple possibilities, so highly flexible but requiring a lot of macro / planning out first. It wont make them truly able to be spammed to kill anything as the leader change will be permanent.

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