Post news RSS 12/09/2013 Singleplayer Update Released!

I have been recently adding more content to the game and now I am releasing it in the form of an update!

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Knowing that we are having a new server on the way I have been hashing out new features for the game. I have them prepared and you can now download them for single-player!

I would also like to note that we are awaiting our new Server, our Host is getting some things hashed out! Dont worry, we will all be playing again soon enough!


  • You can now tell your slaves/mercs to attack any particular team when they see them.
  • The World Map is now fixed so the West and East Coasts aren't restricted.
  • You can no longer Enslave Zombies.
  • Zombies are more efficient and spawning, and 10% of all zombies are "super zombies" < 10 HP but do up to 40 damage with punching.
  • Records and Record Players have been Added.
  • FOAUS Configurator Added.

Usual Installation Process, Just Extract over your client folder and Over-Write everything! :)

[ If the Patch does not take affect, go into AusData/Save and Delete all its contents! ]

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