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The Universe Z development team face the need of a massive server test. That require a quantity of online players in server to be done, so we decide to keep our servers on for 12 hours!

When this will happen?

The prev date is for sunday 08/10.

How will work?

The download was released today, but the server will only be open in sunday 08/10. The game will be open 12h and will close 00h. In the game all of our systems will be avaiable for the player test that can be saw in our 12 hours of Universe Z video. The max level will be 10 and after 12 hours the server will close and all accounts deleted, no one will be rewarded and no item will be transfered for future versions.

What will happen?

The server will be hosted in the worse condition ever, so this way we can absolute test it. The host server is weak and a lot of bugs (I SAID A LOT) of bugs and lag will be experienced during the test. Remembering that 12 hours of Universe Z is of TOTAL INTEREST OF TEST AND NOT FOR PLAYERS FUN, so the server can be closed at ANY MOMENT for non programmed maintenance and if is necessary even a test abort can be done. If the team need more tests, more of this 12 hours tests will be programmed for the next weeks.

Who can play this 12 hours?

Every accounts done before saturday (08/09) will be exported for the server, after this any account created can be access the server, so if you dont have an account go on a make it, is for free!. (If you already have an account you dont need to create another one)

What i need to do?

In bug or error case, its of extreme importance that you report it with all details for our support team. As the server needs a lot of players, try to bring us all friends you know to help, this way you can have even more fun!. During this 12 hours period all publish of images, videos and gameplays are allowed for all players. And sure, try to have fun! :)

Client Download

The game will be open only Sunday (08/10), but you can start dowloading it and starting, this way you can check for bugs and dont losing the game time.

Thank you.
GoPlay Games.

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