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Change list from 1.2:

1.8 -> 1.9:
*Removed the old Killstreak methods.
*Implemented a brand new killstreak system
**3 Streaks Per Player
**Unlocked via rank/medal
**4 New Killstreaks
***Stealth Bomber: 8 Kills: Carpet bomb an area without notice.... until it's too late
***Apache Gunner: 10 Kills: Control a combat Helicoper's turret for 1 minute
***Centaur Bombardment: 15 Kills: Call in a massive proton collider bombardment.
***Arrov IV Nuke Strike: 25 Kills: Boom... you should know what this is.
*Modified some weapons that were implemented in 1.8
*/setRot Added
*Full Scale and Nudge added to the MIST
*/SetNudge added
*Added the Hardline Perk
**Killstreaks require one less kill

1.7 -> 1.8:
*Added the plasmasaber melee weapon.
*Added the UAMS Guided Missile Strike Kill Streak (6 Kills)
*Added the Harbinger's Wrath Kill Streak (10 Kills)
**Hosts, to create a gunship that endlessly circles the map (Gunship support), type StartHarbingersWrath(your CID, 1, 1);
*Helljump: Players can no longer kill the transports.
*Fixed the helicopters on crack glitch.
**If you don't know what this is... lol, start up helljump and call in a heli.
** Hosts, if you have good eyes with script files, you can find the function to make you a chopper gunner (like harbinger's wrath, but with a helicopter)
*DarknessOfLight provided me with the SA2400 Shotgun (Rank 33).
*Added the Wartower game mode (FFA Tower Wars)
**Tower 2009 Limited Edition Map
**Century Maze Map
*Fixed the sabotage bomb explosion (it properly explodes now)
*Fixed the S3S Rifle Glitch (You could shoot yourself :p)
*Shotgun weapons (Excluding the LD06 Savager) now properly make their fire sound
*Added the Silencer Attachment to all guns that have them.
*Ported in TWM's Centaur Dual Pistols.
*Ported in TWM's Desert Eagle Pistol.
*Shotguns now display in the weapons challenge list, but do not have upgrades.
*Fixed a glitch with the RP-432 Machine gun, the sound is now correct, fixed a similar issue on the MG42.
*Signal360 has provided me with a new way of loading/saving universally, I will check it and possibly use it in 1.9.
*Kill triggers can now kill invincible players.
*Added a new trigger, Invincibility Disabler (used in the wartower game mode), to disable your invincibility when you leave the spawn area.
*Kill streaks can now be tracked via the player info page.
*some other things.

1.6 -> 1.7:
*PGD Connect Implemented
**Universal Saving/Loading Added
*Fixes, Fixes, Fixes
*Start of Universal Ranks
*MP-26 CMDO Weapon Added For Helljump
*S3-S Rifle For Helljump

1.5 -> 1.6:
*9 New Medals (Some are not obtainable yet)
*Hell-Class Selection (With Medal)
*Centaur Artillery Vehicle
*Gravity Axe Weapon
*PRTCLR-995 Weapon
*Weapon Challenge System Upgrade
*KillTrac System Updates
*BOSS: Lordranius Trebor Added
*Fix: Fixed Major Insignia Name, it would display General Vegenor instead of Major Insignia.
*Lobby Options such as kick.ban can now be perfomed on players that are loading
*Admin options now display the name of the admin instead of "The Admin" (Like in TWM 1)
*Some new chat commands

1.4 -> 1.5:
*Hell-Jump Game
*Additional Zombie Namers
*Fixed the Host Setup Glitch
*Fixes, Fixes Fixes
*Online Services now point to (

1.3 -> 1.4:
*A various amount of fixes
*Volatile Ravenger Zombies
*Door Fixes
*Grapple Hook Added

1.3 -> 1.3 Revised:
*Fixed News Panel
*Modified the Score Menu Loadup
*Doors should now save and load properly, no matter the texture (needs testing)
*Fixed an Issue with object moving where inv. stations would not work
*Modified a few other things

1.2 -> 1.3:
*Weapons Challenge System Fixed
*Added a Plothera Of Upgrades
*added a gun or two
*harbinger HQ Tower Map Added
*a few bugs fixed
*bosses Renamed

I will post some new screen shots soon, view the TWM site for more details:

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