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A hotfix for the barbarian rework release is now available. View the changelogs in the description for more information

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- Latest Update -
1.12.1 Barbarian Rework Hotfix
* Fix the akara shop not containing items in normal
* Remove soul (snapchip and tree) drops in normal and nightmare
* Remove the magic arrow and magic bolts from the misc store areas
* Fixed various references in item-names
* Fixed the new deadly treasures passive id reference
* Fix the pitzilla portal recipe
* Added the keychain grabber tools to akara's shop in normal
* Fixed some documentation information in the pause menu options

1.12.0 Barbarian Rework

* Barbarian has received MANY updates. Including reworking how passives work, giving MANY new synergies to damage, and just general quality of life to the much-ignored Barbarian Class! View the in-game pause menu for the full rundown.
* Removed the "Testing" tabs from the stash. This is simple not possible without hard-coding.
* Close button was re-added to the stash. Not sure where it went originally.
* Added support for ALL other languages for items. They are **NOT** Translated however they won't appear blank. We will be doing this for properties and other things soon.
* Droprates have been reduced across the board. Less clutter.
* Keychain now has a unique sprite.
* Gem bag now has a unique sprite.
* Keychain and Gembag storage items now only take 1 space of inventory.
* Grabber tools have been added to grab gems from the bag (STILL NO KEYCHAIN GRABBERS) (Cube ANY Chipped Gem -> Receive a grabber for that Gem Type) (Cubing a grabber tool by itself will change the gem quality it will take out)
* NEW RUNEWORD - Distortion - Ort + Thul + Ith - This new runeword is the first and currently only way to get the new "WARP" skill. This is IDENTICAL to teleport aside from the fact that it has a 5 second cooldown. Now every class has the ability to get a way to teleport to some degree without major investment.
* HUNDREDS of "Missing String" instances have been resolved for properties and items.
* The "Reduced Vendor Prices" affix has been nerfed. It has less # values and less frequency.
* Fixed two instances of the same runeword name "Passion" - One of them was renamed to "Patience"
* Hate key now has a new sprite.
* Destruction key now has a new sprite. (Finally don't need to hover to see which is which)
* D, H, and T key drop rates have been increased slightly.
* Guided Arrow now Pierces.
* Stacked versions of runes now have the word "Stacked" in it for better clarity.
* Stacked runes now have the correct color (Same as normal runes)

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