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Now You Can Update Mar-Mod to 1.11 version, this is a milestone!

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In short time I upload a 1.11 version of Mar-Mod!

*** all changes in image section, look there ***

Now yuris army use harvester to ore extraction (look to the image section) and have transport unit. I make better optimalization work of game (thx comando2047 for advice), work with AI. In 1.11 version Russia have a new model of tesla tank, and allied army have big hover transporter.

All new stuff in mod is my unique work, concepts arts, vxls and other, with the aid of open source CnC editing tools. And you can't see it in another mod ^^.

Bonus: I add 2 multiplayer, tournament maps; it's little but, in future maybe i make more, and upload on mod profile.

Thx for reading and good luck in battle!

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