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A list of all major new updates for Throne of Lies.

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  • Overhauled the lobby and in-game UI.
  • If you leave games while dead, you will still earn 40% of the gold you would’ve gained had you stayed once that game ends. If you already completed your objective, you’ll get the full gold amount you’d normally win.
  • You can now copy things from other players’ journals.
  • The starting King is now always player 1.
  • Added the ability to mute players in-game.


  • Added Emotes (NOT EMOJIS) for purchase in the store. You can use your currently equipped emote once a day.
  • Added Deathnote colors for purchase in the store. You can use all the colors you purchase for your deathnotes.
  • Players who are blocked from voting will now be shown as abstaining during trials.
  • Added Casual game mode.

Minor Class/Ability Changes:


  • Nightshade Wine will once again take two days to kill the King.
  • Concentrated Wine no longer says you were occupied while visiting target. Now has a more generic message.
  • Happy Hour now has a more generic message.
  • Order Execution will now only announce the kill when it succeeds.
  • Evil King now has a 30% chance to spawn and Neutral has a 10%.
  • If someone tries to redirect them, they will know who they would’ve been redirect to.
  • Can no longer accuse their target of treason.
  • They will automatically vote to pardon their target.
  • Unlimited uses of Facelift. X
  • Possess reduced to 2 uses and you will now get your target’s deathnote.
  • Icy Touch - Chilled players can no longer talk to the dead and are instead silenced.
  • Will now commit suicide after winning. (They can leave and still get their full gold for winning once the game ends.)


  • Will now commit suicide after the Sorcerer dies. (They can leave and still get their full gold for winning once the game ends.)
  • Ruthless Efficiency will now kill all targets, but will only bypass the Sorcerer’s night immunity.
  • Magic Cloak will now make the Sorcerer appear as a non-magic user to the Inquisitor in addition it its current effects.

Major Class/Ability Changes:


  • Reanimate removed
  • Added Day Ability Inoculate - Make a player immune to Nightshade and bleeding. Does not cure it. 1 use. (Credit to Livicus for the ability idea)
  • Added Night Ability Self-Care - If you are attacked tonight, you will heal yourself. 2 uses.
  • Changed Will-o-Wisp - Tells you if the target attacks anyone tonight. Only detects attacks that count as visiting. 2 uses.
  • Renamed to Mystic.
  • No longer has Call of The Dead.
  • No longer unique
  • New Night Ability Conduit - Allow two players to talk to each other for the rest of the night. You will be able to hear, but not speak to them. 2 uses. (Credit to NuclearBurrito for the ability idea)
  • Link Minds and Conduit will not work on the Prince, jailed players, other linked players, reaped players, or other Mystics.


  • Replaced Cult Numbers with Telepathy. 2 uses

Casual Mode Overview:

  • The Blue Dragon classes that can spawn are - Butler, Knight, Mystic, Physician, Prince, Princess, and Sheriff.
  • There can be up to 3 of each non-unique Blue Dragon class.
  • Fool, Sorcerer, and Inquisitor cannot spawn.
  • Cult and Paladin cannot spawn.
  • No Royal Blood passives.

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