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Updates and more updates. Some pretty updates, some other pretty updates, and also some cake. The cake was a lie but it's okay.

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While 1.0.9 and 1.1.0 were mostly fixes and changes/balancing with a little polish here and there, there's still a good amount of stuff to get to!

First off, there's this that you might've seen already:

When the stamina bar fills back up all of the way, it'll flash signifying it's full just to give a visual indicator to the player.

Another very important addition, is that enemies now display their elemental affinity relative to the element the player currently has equipped. So if the enemy is weak to my weapon's element, they'll have a little - on their sprite--as shown here:

Vice versa, when they are strong against my element, they'll have a little +.

Depending on how weak or strong the elemental difference is, your damage will either be increased by 20% or decreased by the same amount. After you log that specific enemy, you can see their element in your log.

Animated sprites!

Animated Characters and Enemies

Something else that I should've added a long time ago was colour coded chests:

Colour Coded Chests

This will help you determine which chest to buy depending on what it is you're looking for (or desperately, desperately need at the time).

And as a final bit of news, there's this pretty new text effect on everything that I rather like:

New Text Effect

You can read the rest of the 1.0.9 change log here. 1.1.0 has yet to be posted, so look out for that!

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