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Status update on the work on version 1.1 of the mod.

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Structure changes:

Allies: Build times on some structures reduced to meet up with other factions

Empire: To bring emphasis to their build mechanic, Nanocores are now constructed instantly (i.e. as soon as you click on the Core you want in your ConYard, the Core is ready)

Unit changes:

Unit build times rescaled:
Previously 5 sec -> Now 3 sec
Previously 4 sec -> 2-1 sec, depending
Previously 3 sec -> 1 sec
Previously 2 sec -> 1 sec - instant, depending
Previously 1 sec -> Instant


Allies: Harbinger Gunship (Origin: SDK)

Soviets: Tesla Tank (Origin : Soviet, Aliied In-game campaigns)

Empire: Emperor's Oni (Origin: Soviet In-game campaign)

The Oni is voiceless; Give your ideas as to what sounds should be assigned to him!


well he should have a some sort of robotic voice like the normal king oni, not the same text but heres some idea's for some occations that that he will say on occations

under attack : they dont hurt me
moving : i will go there
moving 2 : ofcourse, commander
moving 3 : lets pwn some *** there
builded : were are my enemys
attacking ground 1 : they must get pwned
attacking ground 2 : we must destroy them
attacking air 1 : theyre hiding in the skys
attacking air 2 : you must not fly!

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