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A summary of the hotfix update to the Worry of Newport's first chapter.

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Hello and thank you to everyone who has been playing my mod and giving feedback. Be it good or bad I really appreciate the time you guys put in to playing and talking to me about it, and I hope you guys appreciate the time and support I put into my projects.

Note that the below is merely a series of hotfixes and should not alter your experience or opinion in any way drastically, it does not add new content.

In an effort to show the aforementioned support, a patch is due out in a day when it authorizes or so that fixes the following issues in Part 1's Remake, luckily a list MUCH smaller than the initial release:



  • 1: Grenades have been removed due to finally finding the correct flowgraph node for it.
  • 2: Issues with fog rendering on some machines has been approached, and hopefully fixed.
  • 3: Unlocking Hamlet has been made easier to spot, the lantern now has a dull flame on it.
  • 4: Smoking shrine to winter flashback has been enabled by default, but still is present in the optional short story. A lot of people were missing out on the winter narrative.
  • 5: Embarrassingly, I forgot to vegetate the lake. Whoops. Uncanny valley has been removed, now has shrubs and rocks.
  • 6: Brightened all houses in Hamlet, sacrificed a little performance to do so though. Optimized best I could
  • 7: Autosave system removed, it was severely glitched.


  • 1: Lowspec view distance has been increased, though you should still be playing on high or very high.
  • 2: Weird pier that falls without sound has been removed, was a leftover trackview sequence.
  • 3: Sea height has been lowered by two feet to negate the dockhouse glitch
  • 4: Optimization tweaks for VH spec.
  • 5: Added 5 more solids (impassable areas) in feedback from places where you can get stuck
  • 6: Removed odd yellow ground mud in forest, added more bushes in some spots, nothing major.
  • 7: Updated readme with new unfixable glitches, some new gameplay tips, and simplified install instructions.
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