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Only 11 day to go until the official demo for Grave Prosperity: Redux is finally released! Thing may be suddenly looking a bit different now... That's because there have been a number of updates!

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Originally Grave Prosperity: Redux was supposed to be a re-telling of the RPG Maker XP's original Grave Prosperity released in 2012. The story was pretty B-movie teen drama-y at the begining and things sort of took their time to really pick up. Wellp, looking at that, and then looking around, LDC Studios decided to take things in a much more direct approach. Direct as in, directly into the darkness the story truly holds. Amber can forget about dealing with boyfriend issues and oddly proportioned hit-men in this game. This time it is just her and a whole lot of evil town to explore. There is still a story, mind you, but it will unfold as the game goes on in order to make way for a satisfying beginning to an unforgettable nightmare. More screenshots and more news will be popping up as the month's end draws nearer. By October 31st, the official complete demo of Grave Prosperity: Redux will be available here!

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