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In short time i upload a 1.09 version of Mar-Mod, New Vision of YR ^^. I extend Yuri's fraction (special building and 3 units), sowiet (3 unit + 2 Upgrade) and... Allied! ^^ (2 Units).

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Yuri can build a Dethrones Portal, with portal we can recruit Wimana, its mighty and mythical vehicle, very strong and universal unit, but is not cheap, and portal powered all Wimanas. In mod Yuri's army can recruit yet two units, Shogun tank - You see it in demo version, strong unit with universal weapon (but medium dmg) and... stealth scalpel, funny support for heavy units.

Soviets.. anti-building shock cannon and my first walking projekt, and super heavy sowiet power - Battle walker. Very slow and very heavy, siege, assault and transport unit, cost 3000$.

Allied - ekhm.. super heavy and range master artillery unit, called Kastor. It's support unit, lighter than soviet's walker. But very dangerosus for CY :D :D better have spare MCV ^^. In 1.09 version, we haven't limit!! And we can use more to protect our base or attack. Kastor look like Grand Cannon but DMG its lower. 2nd Allied additional Unit is a Chrono Tank. In 1.09v its mildly lighter nad have 5 DMG less, now DMG = 5/6 DMG from demo v.

In short time (day or two) if I don't die, I upload this! Thanx for learn. And sorry for my English, I'm from Poland!

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