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1.05v2 Update is here and ready to deploy, See you on the Battlefront, Commander.

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Star Wars Battlefront Commander Beta V1.05v2 UPDATE

First off i would love to think all the Patreons that supported this mod from start to finish, without them i probably wouldn't of been a lot to continue this mod as over the years from 1.05v1 to the release of 1.05v2 my computer has broken down and many other things. Without their support it wouldn't of made release. so Thank you all.

We would also like to stress that while we are releasing a GOG/Disk version of the mod on here it will be the least stable version as our mod uses updated files that was released in a patch for FOC not to long ago, so if you play on anything but steam your saves are going to bug out and you will have random CTDs and updates will go out faster on steam then the Moddb version.

1.05v2 is here and with that a ton of new things, There was so many new things added to this update that it would be insane to list them all i would advise to head over to the moddb page and look at all the new screenshots posted there as the unit list alone would take up the word limit.

As we know the mod is made up of 5 Factions





Note not everything posted below is everything done in the mod since 1.05v2 it's only a small portion.

With this update with updated all of the Rebel basic infantry models with various different weapons,races and aliens, For the Empire we updated all the Stormtrooper models with newer ones and added different ranks to the basic Stormtrooper squads and added a medic, For the Republic we also did the same and updated every Clonetrooper model within the mod and added the ranking system to the basic white Clonetroopers and added medics to them and the Phase2 white Clones, Legions were given DC15 Rifle variants with allowing you to build more then 1 Legion group.

The CIS was updated all B1/B2 Battledroid models and animations were updated, we also added different variants to of B1s so now you have heavy B1s,Snipers and Rocket Launcher droids, For the B2 Supers we added a Jet pack version.

We added various new ships to the mod for all factions and updates many models for existing ships within the mod.

We added Zlayer to a lot of ships within the mod allowing them to hyperspace in at different levels of Space.

We updates a ton of infantry and hero models across all factions, Vader,Luke,Boba,Grand Inquisitor,Bossk...etc

New Heros/Minor were added being,

Empire:Thrawn as a ground hero,9th,2nd,Seventh,Evil Starkiller,Agent Kallus,Inferno Squad,Purge Troopers,181st.
Rebels: Good Starkiller,Filled out the rest of the Ghost Crew,General Sato (space unit),Gold Squadron,Anvil Squadron (with their MC75 Silver Coronet), The Ghost can now spawn the Phantom or Phantom II based on the Tech level,

Republic: Ahsoka,Commander Jet and Bad Batch.

CIS: Darth Maul

Mandalorians: Maul

New units/ships that were added are.

Rebels: MC75,StarHawk,LucreHulk,Hammerhead Corvette, Rebel_One, Plus a ton of ships and fighters were given new models and textures,Droideka,AT-TE,,AT-RT,LAAT,HailFire,AAT.

Empire: Tie Reaper,Tie Brute,Tie Strikers,Inquisitor Tie,Shore,Mud,Death troopers,Jinata Security,Stormtrooper Heavy (Z6 Cannon), Scout Snipers,AT-DT,AT-ACT and a lot more.

Mandalorians: LAAT,AT-TE,AT-RT and B2 Supers.

Republic: 332nd,41st Scout,Clone Heavy Troopers,Various different new legion Commanders,Spec Ops Clones and more.

CIS: You can read above ( or you already did) what we added to the CIS.

Again i want to thank everyone that stuck with and supported the mod over the years that we've worked on it, Without you guys we wouldn't have ever finished it.


You did it, dude!

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I love this mod so much. Thank you for all your hard work!

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