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To celebrate the 100 years of independence of Finland, we have released a full early version for free.

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Today marks the 100th year of independence for Finland. To celebrate this, we have decided to release an early prototype version of Kalaban for all the gaming historians out there.

This version was released in September 2016 as the first Early Access version, and it was available at Gamejolt. Proto-Kalaban pre-dates the current Steam version by over a year. Many of the final scenes are in place, and all the basic enemies are featured. The gameplay is really rough, and you can see how much the game has evolved compared to the current version.

The vitality and food mechanics are in place, but as you can see from this version, the UI was still being perfected, and many of the features were missing. You can drop items to your hotbar for example, but you cannot drag & drop items to the Bob's full body portrait. Player character also has no animations for different weapons, only the axe and the pistol.

Many of the NPCs are missing, and the game doesn't keep track of your quests, and the levels don't remember which quest items you have already acquired. There are also way too many graphical glitches and bugs to even mention. Most of which have been fixed since.

Proto-Kalaban can be seen as an audiovisual portfolio of the game, and almost all of the music is in place already. If nothing else, people may find it curious to see a game in such a rough state, before it was perfected. It's quite remarkable that this game was developed with Clickteam Fusion 2.5, which is not meant for open world action-adventure / RPG titles of this magnitude.

Naturally, there is no support for this version, as we've ceased the development of Kalaban already. You can find the up-to-date version of the game from Steam. Enjoy!

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