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Beta 1.33 is out and with it heavies and assaults! Nothing says I love you this valentines day like a 100 ton assault mech... :E Well get it while its hot! And please report bugs! Comments critique also welcome. 6 new factories, new units added to medium and light factories. Anti mech infantry for inner sphere, and orbital bombardments... So many new units I need to count them! (seriously :\ ) Also help wanted if any one would like to join the team to he

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Beta 1.33 is out and needs playing.

Total Battletech Beta 1.33

The directory that you have installed MechWars 1.0 Final into, must also have TA and the 3.1 patch installed in there first. If you installed MechWars 1.0 Final first, please uninstall all previous mechwars or total battletech content before unextracting content into the Totala/ desired install directoy.

If you would like to play with other CC/BT or other third party maps rename their file extension to ".mwo"!

All the offical MechWarrior and Classic Battletech concepts and content are under copyright of their owners (Wizkids, Microsoft, ECT..), we do not claim any ownership of these materials.

Credits to the new mod content and design:

Modeler, scripter, everything man: bobthedinosaur
Texture help: Gamma from TAU

Credits for the 'Mechwars' staff go to:
MechWarrior- Leader in most fields
Bobthedinosaur- Modeling, Texturing, and Scripting
Nikola Genkov- Lead Scripter
Rubber Chicken- Lead Texturer
ThorsHammer- Lead High Poly 3d Artist
Richard "DarkspARCS" Nelson - music clip
MBisME- Lead Mapper
RedEye- Mapper
Uzbzk'Ell- AI Creator
Quitchy- AI

Special thanks to and, and everyone who helped out with finding and reporting bugs!

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