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10 Reasons why this mod is high quality, explained to the best ability I can muster.

Posted by on has 6 0frames for second

2.tHe aliens are realistic if there was aliens ten this would be the proper aliens

3.The boss is very big. Most importantly, it uses a func_tankrocket hackikly affixes to a globe

4.Breen plays a rolee. Hes evil after all

5.Its immersive that space tetures seriously mae me think this was real

6.The zombies add antherelement not only npc_combine_s as alien but now there are xzombies gameplay addition comfirmed

7.The geromtyry is high quality i mean that look at that fuckin metal wall its only expert-level burshwork in this mod

8.the boss is very wel made. Cylinders, circles go together to terrifyy

8.The 711 is realistic, thus this game is

10.This game has 10/10 ratings so clearly it is good

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